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and heating and ventilation systems. From structural work to insulation or exterior joinery, many types of activities can be practised. “We have trained more than 35,000 people since our launch and are cited by the government as a real success story in Luxembourg,” smiles Renders. New for early 2018 will be a bachelors degree in construction site management. “One of the things we are well known for is our innovative pedagogical projects and development of digital learning, whether that is via mobile apps or e-learning,” adds the managing director. The project ImSim was created in 2014 to ensure new technologies are implemented in a relevant way to provide effective solutions in fields such as communication, information and education. ImSim’s philosophy is not to place technologies everywhere, but rather to use them in a targeted way to make judicious use of all the advantages they offer. Equality is a fundamental part of the ImSim pedagogical ethos, which is why they make intuitive and easy-to-use technology solutions available to everyone.

Innovation in sustainable construction While training, employment and innovation are at the heart of the IFSB’s DNA, it provides many resources adapted to the technical and technological evolutions of the construction sector. “Our innova-

tion has an impact on our digital teaching strategies, but also in fields such as sustainable development in construction and corporate social responsibility,” adds Renders. “We have developed methodologies that allow the construction sector to adapt and put in place necessary precautions.” An important strand of the CDEC Group is NEOBUILD, which promotes innovation in sustainable construction. As the first and unique technological innovation pole for the sustainable construction sector in Luxembourg, NEOBUILD covers a wide range of the value chain, both upstream and downstream, from creating the network and seeking financing to promoting innovation in the sector. “We always try to anticipate European regulations and in the field of sustainable development and adhere to the international GRI Sustainability standards.” Another fundamental strand of CDEC is the energy agency Cocert, which was launched in 2009 and is devoted to the energy efficiency of buildings, offering a variety of services in the field of energy for entrepreneurs, individuals and local authorities. Building regulations in the Grand Duchy are justly strict so the agency is on hand to offer its customers guidance and information related to various energy regulations coming from Luxembourg or the European Union. For example, did you know that in 2020 it will be mandatory to construct positive energy

buildings? That is to say buildings, which on average over the year produce more energy from renewable energy sources than they import from external sources.

The importance of health and safety Due to the nature of the work, the prevention of accidents in the workplace is particularly important in the construction sector. In order to help companies reduce such incidents, the IFSB has put in place various actions and tools. “It is important for companies to realise that preventing risks in the workplace is not an expense, but an important long-term investment,” asserts Renders. With the support of the Ministry of Work, Employment and Social and Solidarity Economy and by the AAA project SCIPRISC (Innovative Coaching System for the Prevention of Occupational Risks in the Construction Sector), the IFSB aims to help companies identify the practices that must be implemented in order to improve safety. Since 2009, 125 firms have participated.

Building Generation Another important project is the Building Generation project, which aims not only to promote construction trades among future generations, but also to make them discover the many opportunities available to them. This ensures the sector stays revitalised and leads to a young, skilled workforce: already more than 6,000 young people have participated.

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Discover Benelux, Issue 47, November 2017  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Discover Benelux, Issue 47, November 2017  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.