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is provided – in which the Dutch struggle with water is a continuous element. “Due to its water-rich landscape, the Netherlands was previously considered inhabitable,” Van Berkel explains. “The Romans even called it the worst place on earth,” he smiles. How wrong the Romans were. The Dutch challenged this perception, and used dykes, windmills and polders to create an extraordinary country of which the main parts remain below sea level, and especially the ingenuity of Deltaworks made the Dutch famous.

From a bird’s eye view Your breath will be taken away during the main attraction of THIS IS HOLLAND, where a huge domed screen and breathtakingly beautiful filming will make you see the Netherlands from a bird’s eye view. The various technologies and effects will make you forget you are in Amsterdam: your hands and feet dangle freely, while atmospheric effects really make you feel like you are flying. Van Berkel: “That is where

Vekoma showed their mastership. Effects such as wind, mist and scents really make you feel like you are flying through the air, crossing dykes and braving storms. You can even smell the tulips when flying over the famous Dutch Tulip fields.” The nine-minute flight will make you marvel at the diverse yet typically Dutch landscapes and scenes: ice skaters on Frisian frozen waters, stunning wind-mills, and the beautiful nature of the Veluwe. A prominent spot is reserved for the Netherlands’ UNESCO sites – they are beloved witnesses of the country’s significant cultural and historic position. Much footage for THIS IS HOLLAND was shot by the makers of De Nieuwe Wildernis, a documentary about the Netherlands and its natural wonders. For two years, the makers filmed the most beautiful places in the country from a helicopter, after obtaining special permission from nature conservation organisations, municipali-

ties and other organisations enthusiastic about the project.

A rollercoaster of learning Although Amsterdam’s many tourists make up a great deal of THIS IS HOLLAND’s target group, the attraction has shown to be loved by the Dutch too. “Even locals get to know the country from literally a whole different perspective,” Van Berkel enthuses. The attraction is available in multiple languages, and limits concerning age are pretty much non-existent. “Our youngest visitor was three years old, our oldest 91,” Van Berkel laughs. “It is what makes THIS IS HOLLAND unique: the visual and rollercoaster-like elements make it simply an incredible fun experience, while the information truly teaches you something new. THIS IS HOLLAND is the thrill of a rollercoaster, yet offers the insights of a museum.” Web: www.thisisholland.com

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Discover Benelux, Issue 47, November 2017  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Discover Benelux, Issue 47, November 2017  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.