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one of them), ornaments, high ceilings and it houses a beautiful chapel. “It’s a work of art built between 1905 and 1923 and is in use at the moment as a conference centre with hotel rooms and is the perfect spot for weddings and other parties. The stately library is still in use and just walking through the spacious halls and rooms is a real joy.”

Breda International Airport Do not think Halderberge is only about monumental buildings; thrill seekers can get their shot of adrenaline thanks to Skydive ENPC, situated at Breda International Airport; a private airport not far from the city of Breda, but located in Bosschenhoofd. “Skydive ENPC is founded by a very active parachutists club who will take you to nine to 10,000 feet. in the air and from there you tandem jump out of a plane. It’s quite a popular attraction and not the only one at Breda International Airport. The museum has a unique collection of historical aircraft and static exhibits related to aviation. All aircraft are airworthy

Haven in Oudenbosch met historische sloepen. Photo: Frans Bosch

Basiliek interieur Oudenbosch.

and are used on a regular basis, hence the name Flying Museum.

Mastboomhuis Oud Gastel Mastboomhuis Oud Gastel is the location of the Mastboomhuis complex. These buildings were owned for more than 150 years by family Mastboom-Brosens. The preservation of the complex started in 2005 and nowadays you can visit the museum in a form of suspended decay. All is left as it was when the last family member was still alive and it feels like you are visiting the family more than visiting a museum.

Outdoors For those who enjoy the outdoors, Halderberge is most certainly a good option. Not only are there a plethora of cycling and hiking routes, but there is a sizeable botanical garden in Oudenbosch as well. Housing many unique plants and just at the edge of the town’s centre, Hortus Oudenbosch is run by more than 70 volunteers who dedicate their time to the upkeep of what used

to be two monastery gardens. With over 60 types of aesculus (buckeye), viburnum and calycanthaceae (sweetshrubs), those with green fingers will have a field day. Just like kids will with water park Splesj in Hoeven, one of the Benelux’s biggest water parks and fitted with a large camping site next to it that has more than enough space for tents, RVs and such. But one does not have to do the outdoors stay to enjoy Halderberge: there are plenty of campsites, chalets, bed and breakfast spots as well as hotels. All that and still Halderberge has more to offer: an observatory, several museums, chapels and more. “We’re proud it’s all there and welcome anyone who wants to visit Halderberge. Short or long stay, you’ll find plenty to do in our city and in West-Brabant.” For more on Halderberge, check out the website www.hartelijkhalderberge.nl


Breda International Airport - Oscar Felipe Perez Paredes.

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Discover Benelux, Issue 45, September 2017  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Discover Benelux, Issue 45, September 2017  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.