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Spirit’s philosophy is deliciously simple: making good food that tastes better in your mouth, in your head and in your heart. This Amsterdam-based restaurant serves up dishes that are 100 per cent organic and 100 per cent vegetarian, honouring humans, animals and the environment. Cauliflower Hawaii salad; courgette antipasti; marinated tempeh: if you still think of vegetarian cuisine as plain, Spirit will debunk that myth. Located in AmsterdamOost, the restaurant boasts a buffet setting that allows guests to choose from the 50 different dishes for either breakfast, lunch and dinner. Everything is freshly prepared daily and includes exclusively organic and vegetarian ingredients that follow the season: think sturdy vegetable stews in winter and summer fruit with Dutch bio strawberries in the warmer months. All products carry a bio-label, ensuring they are grown without any chemicals or pesticides. Owner and chef Daniel Saat learned the art of good cooking at his mother’s knee. “When I was younger I practised a macrobiotic lifestyle,” he explains. “Your body

needs the right nutrients to function well - a good balance is everything.” Opening the doors of its first location in Rotterdam in 2006, Spirit quickly became the popular alternative to restaurants serving meat. Spirit Amsterdam came ten years after its Rotterdam brother was born.

that has many advantages,” Saat smiles. “Our guests are much more conscious about what they put on their plate. That results in smaller portions and leaves us with fewer leftovers and thus less food spillage. Good for you – and good for the environment!”

Like the buffet, Spirit’s patisserie and drinks follow the same 100 per cent organic philosophy. There are cakes without wheat, dairy or eggs, and many delicacies are prepared with maple, agave, or rice syrup instead of sugar. The long list of drinks makes it hard to choose. Homemade smoothie, local beer, or vegan wine, anyone? Alongside putting a smile on the face of the restaurant customers, Spirit spreads the word (and good food) with its event catering. Just like the restaurant, the catering service allows for customers to completely compose their own meal. “Not long ago, we served 500 bite-sized dishes to Amsterdam,” Saat enthuses. Rather than charging guests per dish, food is weighed at the checkout. You pay a fixed price per 100 grams. “A system

For more information, please visit www.spiritrestaurants.nl

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Discover Benelux, Issue 44, August 2017  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Discover Benelux, Issue 44, August 2017  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.