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The team. Photo: Adeline Delforge

A local handmade beer for an explosion of taste TEXT: BETTINA GUIRKINGER  |  PHOTOS: ERIC CHRISTIAENS

This is the story of two visionary friends, who at the end of their studies took a motorbike trip around Belgium that ignited their love for brewing a beer of quality and taste. The result? A product that is 100 per cent handmade and 100 per cent local. The ‘Diôle’ is the name of this unique kind of beer, brainchild of Julien Slabbinck and François Amorison. Over the past four years, the duo has perfected their craft and created a beer that is made with natural regional products at their Brasserie des Carrières. From the hop growing on the grounds around the brewery, to the poplar trees of Hainaut used to manufacture the beer trays, everything is made and acquired locally. “We fell in love with this very noble profession and aimed to make a state-ofthe-art beer that is crafted locally and free of additives and preservatives. Today we have a selection of beers that range from

blonde to dark, with caramelised touches or fruity aromas, which can be enjoyed all year round.” Whether in a cosy bar or on a sunny terrace, the Diôle has something to please everyone. Elected ‘Best Beer of Wallonia’ in 2014, the original Diôle at 6.5 per cent is a concentration of lightness, malty aromas and has a pleasant sparkle in the mouth. Their dark beer, winner of the silver prize at the 2015 Belgian Beer challenge, is measurably bitter while retaining some sweet light caramel tastes. The duo also took joy in creating special limited editions for Carnival and Christmas, which were a great success.

Proud to collaborate with local artisans and farmers to provide them with their prime products, they treat their visitors with equal care as they do their product by organising ‘open-door day’ on Saturdays “where visitors can come and witness our brewing process and of course enjoy the final product!”. From 8am to 6pm, visitors can take part in the open doors and alternatively book visits for other days of the week. Cheers! www.diole.be

“We have also created the Diôle Rouge for the upcoming spring season - a red beer made by combining our brew with fresh grape juice or cherry juice.” Appreciated by both men and women, their selection of beers can be enjoyed in a variety of locations across Belgium, France, Holland and some as far as Italy and Norway. Issue 38  |  February 2017  |  59

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Discover Benelux, Issue 38, February 2017  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Discover Benelux, Issue 38, February 2017  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.