Discover Benelux, Issue 37, January 2017

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Discover Benelux  |  Amsterdam  |  The Most Cosmopolitan and Upcoming Areas

Amsterdam ArenA. Photo: Jorrit Lousberg


Diversity at its best Majestic museums next to culturally diverse markets and spacious green parks: the eastern and southeastern parts of Amsterdam have their own strong identities and are the city’s most upcoming areas for a good reason. Bordering the Plantagebuurt, Amsterdam Oost hosts an interesting mix of monumental buildings and trendy eating and drinking spots, while Amsterdam Zuidoost showcases a unique - and almost tourist-free - part of the city. TEXT: CHARLOTTE VAN HEK  |  PHOTOS: AMSTERDAM MARKETING & NBTC

Photo: Joey-Timmer

62  |  Issue 37  |  January 2017