Discover Benelux, Issue 31, July 2016

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The farm’s charming on-site cottage, Le Fenil, can be rented out for stays. It accommodates up to five people, and offers superb views of nature all around. Inside, there is an artist’s studio and a comfortable open-plan living space decorated with works of art. Le Fenil is ideally suited to those wishing to find a peaceful place in a green setting.

An artist of multiple facets Currently on show is a must-see exhibit by esteemed artist and Université Paris 1 – Panthéon Sorbonne Professor Emeritus Jean Lancri. Lancri is a linguist, semiotician and visual artist and, since the 1970s, he has developed works focusing on the multiple meanings of verbal language, and their relationships to image. The exhibit, Ceux Qui M’aiment Prendront L’Velo, can be viewed until 25 July. Since 1992, Lancri has dedicated his time to a series of works entitled Le Cycle de Cheval Sur Son Vélo. These include paintings, drawings, performances and lectures inspired by Ferdinand Cheval. Cheval was a French postman who spent 33 years building Le Palais Idéal, an extraordinary example of naïve art architecture, in Hauterives. Through his work, Lancri examines the connections between art and love, and in particular Cheval’s fantasies. In this exhibition, Lancri has created an imaginary encyclopaedia, a series of paintings,

drawings, and lectures. For the past 20 years he has tried to illustrate the memory of Ferdinand Cheval. Lancri decided to use his works, including images of bicycles, animal masks and interposed horses, in a series when he realised that VELO (the French word for bicycle) is an anagram of the English word LOVE. Hence Lancri aims to raise questions through his work, relating to the play on words and the interconnections between words. Lancri has had over 50 exhibitions worldwide, as far as Latin America, North Africa, Turkey and the US.

Up-and-coming exhibits Wild, an exciting new exhibition produced and designed by rising Belgian talent Quévin Mellaerts, will be on from 6 August to 9 September 2016. Wild examines the organisation, representation and behaviour of living beings, including nature, animals, plants and humans. Géographies Humaines is another key exhibit in September and October. Internationally known photographer Baudoin Lotin will display eye-opening images from his extensive travels across Africa, central Asia and South America, amongst others. “His photos are at the forefront of images of human adventure,” enthuses Thoirain-Rafhay. Around the gallery’s public spaces, visitors can discover the permanent

art collections. These include works by Thoirain-Rafhay’s husband Daniel Fauville, an artist and sculptor. There are other sculptures by renowned Senegalese artist Serigne Mbaye Camara, who works in painting, wood, cloth and iron, and Seni Camara, also Senegalese, who creates fired-clay sculptures representing personal symbols. Additionally, there are works by French sculptor Jephan Villiers, and Belgian sculptor, draftsman and engraver Elise Delbrassinne.

Humble beginnings Thoirain-Rafhay has a long history of working in the arts, having opened her first gallery in 1986. “My first gallery was in my own house! We opened our doors and had works of art all around,” she explains. At the time she lived in nearby Montigny-le-Tilleul, where she organised the twinning of the town with the Dakar International Biennale of Arts in Senegal. She has since curated over 150 national and international exhibitions, attracting thousands of visitors.

Contact: +32 (0) 71 51 00 60 +32 477 55 8929 Ferme du Pont de Bois: 5 Rue Diale Colas – 6530, Thuin, Belgium.

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