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Photo: © Dirk De Lobel

Photo: © Artur Eranosian

Photo: © Artur Eranosian

A library for artworks TEXT: KOEN GUIKING

For 38 years, Flemish households and companies have been hiring art via Kunst in Huis. In doing so, they support professional artists living and working in Flanders. “Our aim is to make contemporary art accessible to everyone,” says Claudine Hellweg, artistic director of the organisation that is funded by the Flemish government. “People can be quite intimidated by art. We invite everyone to just come into our branches in Antwerp, Ghent, Brussels and Leuven and have a look at the art we have on offer. We tell our visitors more about the works we are renting out. I believe that it is important to tell people that story, because if you know how to interpret a piece of art, you are much more likely to appreciate it.” Kunst in Huis rents out over 5,000 pieces of contemporary art from more than 450 artists in Flanders. “Generally, the subscription fee for Kunst in Huis is ten euros per month, which allows someone

to rent one artwork, for a maximum of one year. Several Flemish corporations have a number of subscriptions at Kunst in Huis. Recently, we have been putting more focus on selling art as well, which is becoming pretty popular.”

also ventures into parts of Flanders with pop-up stores and organises Artist in the picture exhibitions. This summer, photographer Veronika Pot is featured at Kunst in Huis Ghent.

Assisting a career in visual arts All the visual art that is rented out via Kunst in Huis is selected by Hellweg. She goes around Flanders to find talented artists, “with the help of an advisory committee”. Hellweg explains: “I look for new, interesting artists that have just started; we are here to help talented artists to pursue their desired career. But our collection also contains some works of reputable artists.” New paintings, graphic arts, photos and spatial art are added to collections all the time. “I make sure the collection contains work that is easy to understand as well as very conceptual pieces,” says Hellweg. Besides its branches in Antwerp, Ghent, Brussels and Leuven, Kunst in Huis

The Transformation by Veronika Pot.

The entire arts catalogue of Kunst in Huis is accessible via Also, consult their website for the addresses and opening hours of the various Kunst in Huis locations.

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