Discover Benelux, Issue 31, July 2016

Page 53

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grandmother with them and then a couple of weeks later, they bring grandma herself to the restaurant. Most of the time the grandmother does not know that there is a picture of her on the wall. So it is really lovely to see her and the family’s reactions once they realise. The grandmothers really enjoy that. “That is what we want to create. That feeling of a family dinner in Grandmother’s kitchen, at her kitchen table. Back to the good old times, when we could enjoy her hospitality. We strive to provide that same hospitality. Our staff of 20 will do everything to give you that same feeling you had when you sat at your grandmother’s table. For instance, on every table there is a carafe of tap water. That was something that would be on grandma’s table. It is free of charge, because we feel it is part of your dining experience,” says Devis.

Diners from everywhere The diners at Restaurant De Bomma come from all around. Devis: “There are a lot of guests here from Antwerp who have become regulars. But we also have a lot of tourists coming in because of our location. The Grote Markt is a tourist hotspot, so a lot of them find their way from there to our restaurant. That is why our menu is translated into seven different languages.” The restaurant can seat up to 90 people at a time, plus some 50 more on the roofed terrace. “We recommend our guests make a reservation, especially at the weekend. That way we can make sure you will get a table.” There are many business people and groups amongst the clients of Restaurant De Bomma as well. “That is because we are very well suited to larger groups dining together. We offer groups of up to 20 people the chance to enjoy an à la carte dinner, whereas most restaurants will not. They want groups with more than six people to use a special menu, created for groups. We feel that everybody needs to have a choice as to what they want to eat. Whether they eat alone or with a large family or group. Grandma would have given you that option too!” Issue 31 | July 2016 | 53