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treatments she has created a unique and 100 per cent Dutch concept, resulting in the hannah Xperience.” The hannah Xperience starts with a short intake in which one of the hannah-trained skin coaches tells you about the condition of your skin, as well as discussing your living conditions and health to adjust the skin treatment to your personal wishes and needs. What follows is a quick check on the skin and a wonderful, very efficient connective tissue massage. During the massage blood circulation is stimulated, which is a great way to remove waste products from the body and let the body create oxygen. It is an exercise for the skin, and you will see results in the first 24 hours following the treatment. Like all revolutionary ideas, Hakze’s approach was not an overnight success story. “A firm massage for your skin wasn’t seen as a relaxing beauty treatment back in the day,” Van Ee explains. Hard work, persistence and, most importantly, an effective skincare approach turned the hannah Xperience into one of the best

skin treatments in the Benelux. Hakze repeatedly preached: “Give your skin a chance.” A quote which also became the title of the book she wrote on her skincare philosophy. Hakze’s clients quickly noticed miraculous differences, and results that lasted. For example, acne was cured and did not come back. Wrinkles and scars disappeared. Van Ee: “Some clients didn’t even see the need to wear make-up because their natural skin was at its best thanks to the hannah skincare approach. If something like that happens, we know we have succeeded in our mission. We don’t want to turn women into something else, we want them to take good care of the skin just the way it is. After all, true beauty comes from the inside.” The hard work and ground-breaking heritage of Hakze, who sadly passed away in 2006, is still being kept alive today by a devoted and passionate team. Along with the pioneering hannah Xperience and Hakze’s supervision the team has created skincare products and a coaching centre in the picturesque town of Voorthuizen where hannah skin

Hannie Hakze, creator of the hannah Xperience

coaches from all over the Netherlands are being trained after a very careful and strict selection. Van Ee: “Before we start with training our skin coaches, we want them to get to know hannah and our team. So that they will get a feeling for the brand.” The new hannah skin coaches have to learn that the hannah Xperience is not just a massage, it is a therapy for the skin and for the client. “Only in that way we can stay true to our heritage as well as developing the brand,” Van Ee says. With 37 years of experience within the skincare field, the brand has stayed true to its Dutch legacy. Beauty treatments can be experienced throughout the Netherlands and all the products are still being produced on Dutch soil. Van Ee: “Hannie wanted recognition for her work and to be one of the top skincare brands in the Netherlands. I think she is very happy watching over us from a cloud in heaven. Her dream came true.”

Monica van Ee, director of hannah

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