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for their creaminess and unique taste, the result of a rare combination of factors. “Jersey cows’ milk is rich in fat and protein, resulting in a very creamy cheese,” explains owner Otto-Jan Bokma. “And the loam soil gives the grass and thus the milk a distinctive and rich taste, which we preserve in our cheese by using only raw milk in our recipes.”

Jersey cows grazing peacefully in vast, green Frisian fields, while locals and tourists cycle through the landscape at a relaxed pace: this is the daily view at the picturesque western part of Friesland, where cheesemaker De Nylander is located. Their biological cheeses are internationally famed

He continues: “Plus, our cows graze on the outdoor fields as soon as the weather permits it, allowing them to eat their natural food: grass. Happy cows make for great tasting cheese.” De Nylander’s cheese can be found in specialty shops in metropoles such as Madrid, Paris and New York and are available through their webshop. De Nylander operates in partnership with JerseyPleats, a business that has been has been owned by the family for over 80 years

‘Our aim is not to conquer the world, but transfer the love for beer’ Brewing special beers has become extremely popular over the last few years. It is a fascinating production process and the possibilities seem endless. The Dutch province of Friesland counts some of the most special breweries that the Netherlands offers. One of them is the micro brewer Kleine Beer Brouwerij. “We started the commercial brewing in 2013, but our love for beer, obviously, goes way back in time,” says Bernd Beersma, initiator and co-owner of Kleine Beer Brouwerij. “We have a testing room in the city of Lemmer, where we create all our special beers, but the final beers are brewed at our brewer friend’s Admiraals BierBrouwerij in the Frisian town of Aldtsjerk.” Beersma: “For us adding local ingredients is self-evident. Wherever it is possible we give the beers a local touch. Whether it is an aro-

and also includes three livestock farms. “In 1998 we switched from conventional farming to biological farming, which adds to the quality of our cattle and our products,” explains Bokma. Besides cheese, Bokma and his family offer delicious Jersey meat in their farm shop and they distribute it to local restaurants as well. This way of working attracts a great deal of visitors from all over the world, who are interested to see how De Nylander runs its ecological farm. Bokma: “That’s of course a great honour!” www.nylander.nl


ma or ingredient, there is always one element from Friesland.” Kleine Beer Brouwerij is much more than a simple brewery. They also provide tastings; beer pairings with restaurants; there is a collaboration with a cheesemaker and there is even mustard to be sampled with their beers. “This way we can show our love for beer to a much wider audience, and people get to experience several possibilities,” says Beersma. “We are also present at various beer festivals throughout the country.” Kleine Beer Brouwerij is a collaboration between Bernd Beersma, Marcel Top and Christel Tijenk, all three of them are great beer lovers and are always on a search for new flavours or recipes with or for beer. Visit them at beer festivals in Groningen or The Hague in April and May.

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Discover Benelux, Issue 28, April 2016  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Discover Benelux, Issue 28, April 2016  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.