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design studio. With our collection we want to create a mood and ambience and organise spaces in a unique way. We are mainly engaged in the retail sector; there are a fair few hotels, restaurants, concept stores and luxury department stores that have elements in their interior or window displays created by Pols Potten. But we are also in direct contact with the enduser, thanks to our flagship store in Amsterdam and our webshop polspotten.nl.”

Iconic design One of Pols Potten’s most iconic designs is the ‘Bufferlamp’ created by designer Wieki Somers. It is a luxury product that is new and innovative, but with a heart for the classics. According to Grootendorst this design includes everything Pols Potten stands for; timelessness, divergence and honesty. Grootendorst: “The lamp is made with high-quality porcelain by skilled craftsmen, which makes it a real iconic masterpiece. The Bufferlamp is the most recognised design and visible at public places around the globe.

A prominent presence For many years now, Pols Potten has been a prominent brand at various design events. One of them is the twice annual Parisian MAISON&OBJET, a world famous design fair in September and January. Pols Potten has a commanding presence to show everyone how they arrange projects and create the most outstanding products. Grootendorst: “We are not only at this Parisian fair, but also at different events in the Netherlands, including at the first edition of the LINDA.festival in May this year for example, but also at Design District in June, a special event for architects and

design lovers. Everything is clearly Pols Potten, we make sure that we are visible.”

Inspiration With the collaboration of more than 25 designers and various international producers, inspiration never gets lost. Grootendorst believes it is a reciprocal process. On one hand people get inspiration from their colleagues, surroundings and overall striking features in life. On the other hand the various and international manufacturers also give inspiration and new ideas. “A designer is always inspired, that is exactly what Pols Potten wants to achieve for all people with their designs.” Grootendorst: “We always keep the location in mind, when decorating and designing spaces. For example for event location De Bary, a 17th century Amsterdam canal house, we needed to keep the ancient feeling but applied a modern twist. The modern design does not conflict with the historic space.”

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Discover Benelux, Issue 28, April 2016  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Discover Benelux, Issue 28, April 2016  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.