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The Flag Halyard Chair designed in 1950. Photo copyright: PP MØBLER

From one generation to the next

Visionary designers

The name G4 stands for the fourth generation of the company. Lenaerts’ great-grandmother started her own furniture business, which at the time focussed on bespoke designs. The company then expanded in the next two generations and it was Lenaerts’ father who opened a furniture store that also sold other designers’ collections.

One item that perfectly sums up the collection is the opulent Flag Halyard Chair by Danish designer Hans J. Wegner for PP MØBLER. One of the most celebrated chair designers of the previous century, Wegner created this piece in 1950 but it still looks like a modern and original design. The chair features a steel frame with a seating area made from 240 metres of strung flag line covered by a soft sheepskin fur.

Lenaerts, an interior architect by education, founded a design agency and developed that company, together with Dirk Buytaert, into what it is today. He says: “I don’t design anything myself, but we have collections by international designers, both major names in the industry and lesser known ones. We typically work with smaller studios.” The G4 collections comprise all types of lights and furniture pieces, from sophisticated desks to hanging light centre pieces, comfortable sofas, solid wooden tables, suspended shelving units, atmospheric lamps and handsome dressers.

Lenaerts adds: “While this chair was created nearly 70 years ago, it still looks like a very contemporary piece. It is one of our favourites in the collection because it continues to be a beautiful and current design.”

A sustainable business Another value that is essential for G4 is their commitment to sustainability. “Quality and timelessness add to the durability aspect of our products; they won’t end up on the dump in three years’ time. This

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Discover Benelux, Issue 28, April 2016  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Discover Benelux, Issue 28, April 2016  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.