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Another project that perfectly reflects the way PUUR operates is the interior design of De Brug, a café and meeting spot of the University of Amsterdam. The 700-square-metre space is suspended over one of Amsterdam’s canals and was designed to allow for wide-ranging uses. “We designed it with two areas in mind, a fixed section, like a park, and a flexible, open area, like a public square. Choosing stackable furniture allows the university to host a plethora of different events here.” One of the strengths of PUUR is the way they approach the development phase. Coming up with different versions, they systematically optimise their draft designs, fleshing out the details, and incorporating the best solutions to user problems. “And importantly, we only design what is necessary; nothing extra and no difficult things. We keep it realistic,” Geysen explains. “Then once the concept is confirmed, we create a definitive design where we fill in the details such as materials and aesthetic choices.” At the Scandinavian concept store Moose in the City in Antwerp, all their expertise came together as PUUR designed the interior. Located in a former theatre building, they took a museum depot as inspiration to create a retail space for clothing, books and lifestyle products. “We created a new type of adjustable product racks to give the store a depot feeling. They allow for flexibility as the content of the store constantly changes. At four metres high, they double as a space to keep stock.”

De Brug. University of Amsterdam Photo: Jeroen Mush

Located in an underground car park, it had to incorporate a museum-like design that did justice to the cultural heritage, helped to preserve it but also made sense in its context.” Geysen concludes: “We constantly seek out these kinds of innovative projects, and we are certainly the perfect partner for ambitious clients.” www.puurinterieurarchitecten.be

Keizersbastion. Photo: Toon Grobet

While the final look is of course essential, Geysen knows that a space only really comes into its own when it works for the user. The team at PUUR therefore often return to their projects a year on, to get feedback and gain more insight. This in turn helps them come up with the best solutions for even the most intellectually challenging projects. Always seeking out ambitious assignments, PUUR was tasked to combine three different typologies for the archaeological preservation project of the Keizersbastion. “We were asked to expose a section of a 400-year-old city wall in Antwerp.

Moose in the City. Photo: Frederique Vercruysse

Issue 28 | April 2016 | 21

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Discover Benelux, Issue 28, April 2016  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Discover Benelux, Issue 28, April 2016  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.