Discover Benelux, Issue 27, March 2016

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Luxembourg has a rapidly growing private sector, and with it an increasing need for business consulting services. To meet this need, Private Consulting Luxembourg (PCL) helps a wide range of clients, from entrepreneurs to SMEs and large multinationals, to be more efficient and effective at doing business. Hélène Michel founded PCL in 2008, and was joined by former Goldman Sachs director Ivaylo Piskov two years ago. Combining their experience, PCL has intimate knowledge of the Luxembourg business environment. Michel: “We are often referred to as the ‘right hand of the CEO’ because we function as a natural extension to our clients’ management.”

The company offers reliable, transparent and cutting-edge consultancy services. It focusses on business success and reputation, while keeping their clients’ privacy a priority. Michel explains: “We first sit down with our clients to understand their goals, culture and values. Only then, when we feel we speak their language, do we start their projects.” When working on projects, PCL uses their unique ‘ABCDE’ approach: Audit, Brainstorm, Conclude, Do and Evaluate. While fully independent, the one-stop-shop consultancy firm boasts a well-established network of local and international partners, which helps PCL tackle even the most complex business procedures and transactions. Piskov adds: “We make it super easy for clients to understand and control the projects because they only have a single point of contact – us.” PCL has bundled several sets of its core services into transparent, ‘easy to deploy’ packages at affordable, fixed prices. This includes

‘Up & Running – the Entrepreneur Pack’, to help launch a business in Luxembourg; ‘2 Be Or Not 2 Be – the Visibility Pack’, for increasing local, regional and global visibility and ‘Get New Leads – the Business Development Pack’. Find out more on their website.

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