Discover Benelux, Issue 27, March 2016

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A fashionable transition It is hard to know what to wear in March. The sunshine will tempt you to go out in your brightest spring-coloured dresses, only to make you miss your warm, cosy knits as you step outside. To solve this dilemma, we have selected five items to make the transition of the weather fashionable. TEXT: ELLA PUT | PRESS PHOTOS

1. Shoes for spring This trend combines the street style of winter with a touch of spring: lace shoes with a rosé shade. Perfect to wear during a city trip, a day to work or, who knows, even a barbecue (if the weather allows). €25

2. Orange is the new black Orange is the New Black is not only a popular television show. The colour, which comes along with the ‘70s trend of the fall, is making a huge revival on the runway. Along with that, orange is the colour of joy, so there is no better way to say Happy Easter than while wearing this dress. €240