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and organic teas and coffees. The cosy, welcoming lounge is styled as a relaxed living room, a place to feel comfortable. “In general all our products are freshly prepared, with the best ingredients, mainly raw and vegan, fully natural and most importantly super delicious. Each one of our team members loves what they do and contributes to the J°Pour spirit,” Claus adds.

Visionary concept The idea evolved when Violeta Claus (née Bartalis) found that her work and busy lifestyle prevented her from eating healthy during the day. She discovered how coldpressed juices were a perfect substitute to a meal. “She started to drink the juices as a simple solution to beat the hunger and still feel fit afterwards, not tired. She realised this could also benefit others.” Working as a dentist, Dr. Violeta Claus developed a passion for healthy nutrition, focusing on damage prevention and oral aesthetic. Healthy nutrition is one of the most important aspects for a healthy smile, and Dr. Violeta Claus was compelled to share her experience. Together with Petra Planer, who is now the company CEO, she developed the concept further, with the help of Alicja Jimenez, Ioana Buruian and Alessandra Claus. They came up with the name J°Pour to reflect the pure juices they offer: ‘pure’ in English and ‘pur’ in German are very similar to the French ‘pour’, so this way everyone in Luxembourg can understand the name.

Spain. Claus says: “He is strongly dedicated to not treating his fruits artificially and only picks them when ordered.”

Optimise your health While J°Pour appeals to a wide clientele, it particularly caters for healthconscious people with a busy lifestyle. “It is not always easy to maintain the right consumption of fresh and raw fruits and vegetables. We want to make it easy for them by offering a juice, smoothie bowl or kale salad as a fresh alternative to the classic sandwich.” Claus recommends their products to anyone who wants to do something good for

themselves, but also for those who would like to go one step further. “We also offer juice detox programmes, cleansing or fasting with our juices. We are always happy to inform people about all these possibilities and how to succeed to have a better lifestyle with juices.” With a boundless passion for their concept, it is no surprise the ladies are constantly working on new recipes and products for the future. “You can expect some super refreshing and healthy drinks for the summer, kale salad variations, new juices and smoothies, and more,” Claus concludes. www.j-pour.com

Nature’s best The ladies behind J°Pour pride themselves on selecting only the best fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs with nothing else added. They work together with German farmer Bauer Greif, their main supplier, who does not use any pesticides or unnatural products. The J°Pour kitchen is located in Germany, very close to where the fruit is grown, which ensures optimal freshness. Products that do not grow in Germany such as lemons, oranges and limes, come from Naranjas del Carmen, a farmer in

J°Pour founder Dr. Violeta Claus

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Discover Benelux, Issue 27, March 2016  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Discover Benelux, Issue 27, March 2016  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.