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The Wilhelmina Pier is Rotterdam’s new dynamic cultural heart. One of the places that is attracting visitors from far and wide is LP2. The event and exhibition hall is housed in a listed industrial harbour building, in an area marked by a high concentration of emerging cultural institutions. LP2 director Gérard Steenbergen says: “We play a vital role in the rise of Rotterdam as a cultural destination. We host a very wide range of events and exhibitions, from art displays to parties and big international events. We work together with both young artists and well-established institutions to keep the mix as diverse as possible” Completed in 1953, the building in which LP2 is based used to be the workshop for the Holland America Line. With 1,300 square metres of open space dotted with concrete pillars, the floor can easily be subdivided. “The sober interior allows for optimal customisations and there is an advanced light grid for high-end decoration or special effects,” he says. The hall allows for flexible usage that is perfect for exhibitions, like Gunther von

46 | Issue 22 | October 2015

Hagen’s Body Worlds last year, fashion shows such as Salonè della Moda and other events including the annual Object Rotterdam design fair. Steenbergen: “We can even host concerts and plays here. In the past, we have worked together with Rotterdam’s Ro Theatre, Rotterdam Philharmonic and Wunderbaum.” At LP2 everyone is welcome, and the team works hard to be open and inviting to all. “We want to be accessible and draw in young people, new talent and creative en-

trepreneurs. With the Wilhelmina Pier as Rotterdam’s up and coming creative hub, we’re at the centre of cultural innovation.” He adds: “Rotterdam is a city you have to uncover, it’s an adventurous city. You might not know exactly what you will encounter beforehand, because there are so many hidden gems. This makes Rotterdam all the more interesting.”

WHAT’S ON Now until 7 February 2016 Uncover the secret world of poison at The Power of Poison. Come up close with the world’s most poisonous animals, and discover the seducing, mysterious and frightening world of poison in nature. After New York and London, this international exhibition is now on at LP2 in Rotterdam. Find out how poison works, how it has evolved in nature and how it can be applied in medicine and forensic toxicology. The interactive exhibition also explores poison mythology and folklore and invites you to solve a poison murder.