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Transitioning marketing communication successfully to an ever-changing digital environment can be challenging. Especially multinationals with numerous departments worldwide can struggle to streamline and integrate their strategies. Adagio presents these businesses with a resolution. Adagio is a digital marketing consultancy and technology services agency that contributes to the digitalisation and automation of communication strategies. It combines European design with the latest technological advances from Silicon Valley. By following the customer journey, Adagio can identify and predict how to be relevant as a brand at the right place and at the right moment. “We use technology as a driver for creativity. We work a great deal with the automation of communication and marketing processes. This can help to profile clients, evaluate customer services, analyse buying patterns and make predictions about what the marketing patterns should look like,” says Lucas Decuypere, Adagio’s CEO. The young and down-to-earth agency is growing fast. Adagio was founded at the end of 2010 as a student start-up by Lucas Decuypere. After he graduated the following year, the company began in earnest setting up its headquarters in Ghent, Belgium. Soon offices in Paris, San Francisco (in Silicon Valley), Düsseldorf and Vienna followed. Decuypere says: “We have our own consultancy framework and predictive modelling. Thanks to this, and our international network, we can easily serve multinationals. We strive to be extremely well structured and well managed in order to provide continuity for our clients.” This approach has helped Adagio to seize a unique position in the market, focusing particularly on multi- and omni-channel communication approaches to help the

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digital transformation of companies. A multi-channel approach refers to using multiple media channels simultaneously at optimum levels, such as websites, applications and social media. With an omnichannel approach, the output to all these channels is seamlessly integrated into one system, creating a closed-loop strategy.

Decuypere says that large multinational companies in particular come to Adagio for specific expertise in multi-channel marketing automation. “We currently work with directto-consumer brands including Johnson & Johnson, pharmaceutical companies including Bayer and Takeda as well as hightech and business-to-business companies.”

This is accomplished in four steps. Decuypere explains: “It starts with solid advice during a consultancy to point out how we can increase top-line revenue and lower customer acquisitions costs. Then we start designing the user experience and information architecture. Next is the development stage where marketing automation software is implemented, in combination with various components such as web and mobile applications. Then finally, when the communication campaign is launched, it automatically delivers big data on the output, ready for our business intelligence department to analyse.”

Lucas Decuypere, CEO, Adagio