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Discover Benelux | Top Boutiques in Het Noordeinde | Claudia Sträter

Find Claudia Sträter on Hoogstraat 22. This street is a continuation of Het Noordeinde connecting it with The Hague’s city centre.

neously realistic and poetic. For this project she created four quirky fashion images and four still lifes. Even with the focus on fashion, Te Poele did not work with models. Instead she used fashion dolls, which she dressed in the new collection and surrounded them with special Claudia Sträter accessories, like bags, necklaces, shoes and scarves. Te Poele says: "Usually I construct my still lifes with self-selected attributes and seek a balance between movement and stasis. I’ve combined the accessories of Claudia Sträter into a whole new 'Louise' image. It was a fun and exciting challenge."

There has also been another interesting development going on. Amsterdam Central Station asked Claudia Sträter to open a store at the main station. Locating a store at the train station of the capital seems a rather strange move for the fashion company. The opposite is true, the shop at the main train station is a success and popular with regular Claudia Sträter customers. The store has the same appearance and service the customer is accustomed to. Here it is possible to have a quick look inside to see the new collection, or pick up an online ordered purchase, all in between traveling.

New developments

The new collection

With 45 years of experience and 35 shops, Claudia Sträter proved to be an honest companion for women. In the vibrant city of The Hague, Claudia Sträter has renovated its entire building to become an even better help to their customers. And with great success. The copper façade, which the building is equipped with, had developed a dull and grey appearance over the years, but the renovation gave it the warm and rich atmosphere it used to have. Inside, it now has gained a better overview, extra light was added through the atrium, and there is even a bar to pamper the partners who come along. The customers at Claudia Sträter want to take their time for their purchase, with tranquility and attention. The shop in The Hague is extremely well suited for that.

The new collection highlights are long comfy vests, silky fur knitwear, strong power suits in black and white combina-

tions, ponchos with subtle ethnic motion veins and green as an absolute 'musthave' winter colour. The new collection is available at all 35 Claudia Sträter stores, at the web shop, at the Bijenkorf and at selected dealers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany.

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