Discover Benelux, Issue 21, September 2015

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Discover Benelux | Best of Dutch Digital Design | Zicht

Creating flawless online ecosystems for social brands, Zicht adds value for both client and end user, while deploying their storytelling talent.

An optimised and coherent online presence Rotterdam-based digital agency Zicht knows how to use compelling storytelling to add value to the end user's experience, while at the same time meeting their clients’ strategic goals. Their technological, commercial and design know-how is top-notch, and they have beautiful products to show for that. TEXT: JANINE STERENBORG | PHOTOS: ZICHT

“Success is the result of offering value,” states strategic director and Zicht founder Seb van Deursen, “and we help brands in being successful by giving their online presence meaning.” Zicht’s greatest asset in this promise is translating their creativity, knowledge and years of online experience into compelling storytelling, using the extensive online ecosystem: from websites to apps, to mailing software and more. “Our goal is to inspire the end user with beautiful and useful content. At the same time, we make sure to meet the all needs of our clients by creating digital products with a well-balanced mixture of high-quality interactive, commercial,

36 | Issue 21 | September 2015

communicative, technically flawless and visually appealing components.”

Converting compass A great example of this, is the online application Zicht designed for The Concertgebouw, the royal music hall in Amsterdam. “The Concertgebouw is a beautiful building with ditto acoustics. Being there is a physical experience. But for those who’ve never been there, the threshold to go to a performance is very high.” The Concertgebouw asked Zicht to help them attract new visitors. “Combining our knowledge of the current online world with the customer

knowledge of The Concertgebouw, we developed Concertkompas (concert compass). In this online app, the user sees and hears different music styles, from which he chooses his favourite. After three selections, the app presents three potentially interesting upcoming concerts in the calendar of The Concertgebouw.” This app is not only fun to use, it has also become one of the best converting tools, bringing in more first time visitors than before. The tool is a typical Zicht product: “The content and added value is key. It’s about the music and the visuals, yet below surface, the app user is triggered to buy tickets.”