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Discover Benelux | Product Design & Packaging | Brand Candies

Desire to design Passion is what drives the brand identity and packaging design company Brand Candies. It is what brought the three creative partners together and it is this passion that not only challenges themselves but also their clients, to achieve the best design to define the client’s unique character and light the desire of their consumers. TEXT: MICHIEL STOL | PHOTO: BRAND CANDIES

Three award-winning creative partners Kyanne Bückmann, Marcel Verhaaf and Kevin Davis, with more than 25 years of experience at top design agencies, started Brand Candies in 2013 in Amsterdam. “We started our own company, where our individual passions came together and creativity would be the true focus. We are creatives working directly with clients in a more flexible and efficient approach to extract the most out of the creative budgets,” says Kevin.

That results often in unexpected and effective solutions. “For Sunweb, a travel agency, we designed the graphics for two of their airplanes. The design on the planes captures the emotion and pleasure of a holiday, yet still reflects the identity of Sunweb without using conventional airline graphics. A good product is not a guarantee of success, you need to connect and be relevant to the customer.” A compelling design can make this connection.

“For Brand Candies, every design has to create a desire for something you want to have. So with every design, we not only look at the DNA of our clients to ensure the design fits with them, we also look to make a real emotional connection between consumer and brand,” tells Kevin.

Brand Candies creates the brand identity and packaging designs for international brands like Royal Wessanen and HEMA. With ING they created, together with the Payconiq development team, the identity for the mobile pay system Payconiq for smartphones. But they also work for

local brands, like the National Opera and Ballet and ‘De Hortus Honey’, for whom they have developed unique physical packaging solutions. For De Leckere brewery they designed the new identity and packaging, based on the true character of the brand. Kevin: “The best compliment that we could receive was that a client of our client De Leckere said: ‘The packaging design now fits who you are.’” It is those compliments that fuel the passion and drive Brand Candies has for design. “That passion makes us feel like we are kids in a candy store. That energy is something that we want to share with all those who work with us.”

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