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and contact centre software. This ensures effective handling of customer contact and customer satisfaction.”

Squla online learning ‘Squla’ is great example which shows how ContactCare helps start-up organisations to grow by giving their customers an excellent customer service. Squla is a new online learning programme for primary school pupils. It is intended as a tool to encourage and stimulate each child at their own pace through a progressive form of education. Squla asked ContactCare to ensure that their customers are provided with consistent and service-oriented information. But that is not all. At the beginning of each school year it holds a major campaign to attract new customers and retain existing ones. Through of the use of various media ranging from television, internet, and for example sending introduction packages to all Dutch primary schools, the market share of Squla increased considerably. This use of off- and online channels required a multichannel approach where the customer chooses how and when he wants to get in touch with the organisation.

handle all kinds of projects (from law firms to retailers and government agencies), ContactCare is also keen on transparency. According to Meerding it is equally important to be transparent, as well as efficient and reliable. “We provide all the information around the customer's contact moments. We are more transparent than any other company about the contact we have with potential customers. Therefore everything is known with our client. It creates a trust.” ContactCare is a specialist in customer contact and an extension of the clients. They require continuous interaction with the clients and thus create a relationship of trust. This way ContactCare creates a strong position in the market. ContactCare believes in long term relationships not only with its clients, but also with their employees. “The personnel turnover of employees in a contact centre is usually very high. We have ensured that our staff have a lot of varied work; this keeps people working longer with us than with any other contact centre. Because our employees have so much experience, ContactCare can offer an even higher quality.”

For Squla it was important that the service is at a high standard at all times. Each potential barrier must be removed during the ordering process for the potential customer. Being involved in the instruction and coaching of the ContactCare agents has been very effective for Squla: on the one hand it gave a feeling of control, which is important when choosing to outsource customer contact. Secondly, the agents got a better picture of the client. Through their involvement in the product, potential customers and the objectives of media campaigns have increased. ContactCare has direct insight into the CRM system (customer relationship management); allowing them to help the customer quickly and effectively. Because of this, a question is quickly answered and the client can continue with the programme.

Not just a contact centre ContactCare is unlike any other contact centre. Not only are they flexible and can

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