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Thomas Goossens and Marco van Sterkenburg

when knowledge declines and can send out notifications just as you are about to forget so your knowledge will always remain up-to-date. Scientific research has shown that using Drillster yields ten per cent better results in 40 per cent less time.

Target groups When Goossens created the system, he initially thought about using Drillster strictly for memorising purposes. Drillster could be used by language institutions to help learn languages like Chinese and Japanese where a great deal of memorising is necessary. But Van Sterkenburg, the commercial driver behind Drillster, discovered that there are many more uses. In addition to focussing on the education market, Drillster now also goes after the corporate market, targeting all sectors where it is necessary for people to demonstrate a certain knowledge level. “The corporate world is starting to realise the importance of organising permanent education for their staff. Employees are increasingly required to certify or remain

compliant with industry standards,” Van Sterkenburg says.

Corporate and education market Once you access the data of a whole department or even from an entire company, you start to see the extent to which trainings have been successful and you can see whether you actually are in compliance with the regulations. “For banks, for instance, this makes Drillster a very powerful tool,” Goossens says. “Let’s say an institution is obliged to be compliant with certain laws or regulations, you can exactly see what level of knowledge your staff possesses over a longer period of time instead of just in a snapshot that shows the percentage of employees that completed a mandatory e-learning.” The education sector is also catching up, as a great digitalisation of learning methods is taking place where more emphasis is put on lifelong learning. To prepare students for their exams and improve study results, Drillster measures a student's

proficiency level and ensures complete memorisation. Students are able to receive notifications just when proficiency levels are about to decline, allowing students to brush up in time and be well prepared for a test or exam.

What can we expect? Individual consumers and students might be the end-users, but they are not necessarily the ones to purchasing the cloud service. Drillster delivers the technology mostly to its clients, which include corporates (banks, insurance companies, airlines, and energy markets) or educational institutes like publishers, schools and universities. Drillster is on its way to become a household name in memorisation and hopes to conquer the international market soon. The only thing that you will forget is that there was a time – when there was no Drillster yet.

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