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Anita Veenendaal, chief commercial officer at KeyKeg

through our products and through the way we run the company.” One advantage is that KeyKegs don’t have to be washed with chemicals after each use. Instead, the plastic kegs can simply be pressed together and recycled. “Currently our top-of-the-range Slimline KeyKegs are made from 30 per cent recycled material and we are working towards getting this up to 60 per cent. Eventually we want to adopt a full, high tech recycling line.” Lowering the impact on the environment also expresses itself through a reduction in transport cost. Because KeyKegs are lightweight, more can be transported in one go using the same energy and no fuel is wasted on returning empty kegs. “This leads to savings of up to 60 per cent per transport – a very significant reduction,” Veenendaal says.

KeyKegs is already in development. “We invest in our people, our corporate culture and we spend a very large part of our budget on research and development and innovation,” she says.

KeyKegs are suitable for beer, wine, sodas and other drinks. With the KeyKeg technology drinks on draft will have the same quality and depth of flavour as meant by the producer.

This certainly has proved to be a strategy for success. Currently the company has two factories, in Europe and in America, and is looking at opening many more in the next few years. “In our seven years of existence we have grown by at least 40 per cent year-on-year. By 2018 we aim to have eight different production plants, so we will be closer to our customers and reduce our transport costs even further,” she concludes.

But it also comes down to less waste of the drinks themselves. “In traditional metal kegs, the beer flows up via a spear. These never go to the very bottom so for every keg about two glasses are wasted. With KeyKeg you can use all of the contents, practically to the very last drop.”

Constant innovation Part of the company’s success is its drive for innovation and a new generation of

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