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For Joost van Beek, 32, a man who comes walking in with a suit, handkerchief in the left breast pocket, and fitted shoes, an eye for detail is certainly one of the aspects of his own company and in his collections. “We give upcoming talents or otherwise fashion related people the chance to make a collection for us. The upcoming collection is from Antoine Peters, who worked for numerous magazines, and has a simple design but yet a deeper meaning behind it.” Van Beek puts the story behind every collection online. But does it really make a difference? A sock is a sock, right? “We use the finest quality cotton that comes from Egypt. Egypt is well known for their cotton, because it grows well under the conditions of the Egyptian climate. We also use cotton from India that isn’t harmful for the environment and we make sure the labourers there get a good wage for it. We don’t promote Effio as ‘being sustainable’ or ‘organic’ or anything else for that matter. We think it’s logical to produce in the best and friendliest possible way that doesn’t effect our environment.” He says: “In Italy, the yarns are dyed in a safe way, all done by professionals, after

which the product gets the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 label. This is an international renowned mark that guarantees there are no poisons in the fabric and ensures that the textile used does not harm the environment or the users.” Van Beek concludes: “And when we make the final product, we don’t want any seems in the design.” So asking about socks from the standardised big companies? “They do not feel right,” Van Beek says.

Getting things done After almost eight years in the business Van Beek doesn’t seem to slow down. “I especially like it when I realise I want something, and then automatically everything falls into place. For instance, I discovered the Netherlands also has a sock factory, but figuring that out was only possible because I started talking about it. Who knows what can come of it.” One pair goes for about 15 euros. Don’t worry, Van Beek and his companion can make a decent living of it. Take a look at the website where they do not only show good socks, they also present fantastic photographs.

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