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respond more quickly to the latest trends and does not leave shop owners with unnecessary stock.

International market Fashion All Over is gaining international grounds quickly, currently designing clothes for the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Fashion All Over aims to expand more internationally in the near future, including to countries like Czech Republic and Poland in Eastern Europe. “Germany is one of our main markets as shop owners demand high quality and value organic and fair trade fabrics, which suits our products perfectly,” Van Eck says. Love for fashion is in the genes of the family. Spending day and night thinking of their products, they have passed on their passion to the next generation. Van Eck’s children are already excited to take over the company in the future. "Our customers need the functionality — but want to look great and feminine as well," Van Eck says. "Zoso tries to prove that comfortable clothing can be as sexy as skinny jeans. Many great names in fashion tend to design very special and interesting looks, but sometimes I wonder for whom they are designing their products.” Classic forms of fashion trends no longer exist according to Van Eck. Consumer preferences are still changing, but we do not go out in clothing which we do not feel 100 per cent comfortable. Van Eck therefore focuses on clothing that would comfort everyone. Zoso, for example, targets women between 20 to 65 years of all different sizes. Consequently, “the art is not to design products for size-6 women. The aim, instead, is to focus on clothes that look stylish on everyone, especially as the majority of the population has size 12+ and wants to look good as well,” Van Eck says.

High quality products Quality and delivering value for money are at the core of the services Fashion All Over provides. It also has always valued the use

of natural and organic materials. “We constantly look from the perspective of the product itself, which we believe leads to a stable success. Cotton is popular for a reason - its soft texture and breathable nature make it very wearable, and it just feels soft against your skin,” Van Eck says. The textile industry has experienced a shift where natural fibers have become displaced by synthetic, man-made materials such as polyester, acrylic and nylon. Although the quality of these technical fabrics is increasing enormously, Zoso tries to use natural products wherever possible. Sometimes cotton and synthetic fabrics will be accurately combined, to give each piece of clothing an aura of luxury.

Value for money The financial crisis opened doors for Zoso. As the balance between price and quality was not always clear, the fashion industry decided to change course and started to demand more value for money. Shop owners were forced to think more short-term. Fashion All Over responded by giving the opportunity to deliver designs at the very last minute, which allows them to

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