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Quality coffee reinvented It is a dream turned reality for Peter van Eijl and Jonathan Teoh: making the Dutch fall in love with the rich, Italian-style coffee served at their own coffee chain, Doppio Espresso. Focussing on flavour and quality, this vision proved to be a recipe for success. TEXT: MYRIAM GWYNNED DIJCK | PHOTOS: DOPPIO ESPRESSO

The pair opened their first location in 2007 in Groningen and currently Doppio Espresso counts 24 coffee bars throughout the country. Inspired by Italian traditions, they combine top quality coffee with generous hospitality and a welcoming atmosphere. “Unlike many popular coffee chains, at Doppio Espresso we actually serve people at their tables. Serving excellent coffee is paramount but we consciously think about how to optimise every other aspect of a visit, so guests can fully relax in a positive environment and indulge in our fantastic coffee,” says co-owner Teoh. In 2008, a year into their venture, Doppio Espresso’s brew was crowned best coffee by national newspaper, Algemeen Dag-

blad. In 2014 they were voted Best Coffee Chain Western Europe during the Allegra European Coffee Symposium. The secret to their growth is threefold, from using the best ingredients and expert equipment to employing knowledgeable, certified baristas. He continues: “Through investing in these three tiers of the business we want to create something extraordinary. I think our success shows that this is something people are looking for.” The entrepreneurial duo is often travelling to learn from coffee experts abroad and to keep up with the latest equipment developments and the newest trends. This is showcased by Doppio Espresso’s wide range of exciting single-origin beans and flavoursome mélanges. “Every day, my

business partner Peter continues to improve and perfect our coffee aromas and product ranges. We want to be innovative and stay ahead of the crowd when it comes to new concepts and products.” Their determination certainly doesn’t stop there: “By 2020 we aim to have 60 to 80 locations. We only work with franchise partners who know the local area and are passionate about coffee so they can add something extra to the experience,” Teoh concludes. “It is our ambition to become a coffee chain with an international appeal, so a visit to the Netherlands would not be complete without having a coffee at Doppio Espresso.”

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