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Changing cycling conventions TEXT: MYRIAM GWYNNED DIJCK | PHOTO: BEIXO

Since the chain-driven bicycle replaced the penny-farthings in the 1880s, basic bicycle design has hardly evolved. Dutch brand beixo has taken on the task to rethink the bike by introducing chainless cycling, with much success. With beixo’s alternative driving methods, such as the shaft drive system, the old, greasy and maintenance-heavy chain becomes obsolete. Owner of beixo, Ad Tummers, explains: “The shaft drive concept is not new, but with modern production technologies we can now incorporate multiple gears. The result is a clean, durable, safe and comfortable bike that has beautiful lines.” Specialising in folding and electrical bikes, beixo also produces city and touring bikes. “It is our ambition to make the perfect design, so each model starts

from scratch. We always look for the optimal driving system, so for example in the case of our smallest and lightest folding bike, the X-Town, this lead us to a belt drive,” he says. While customers are often sceptical at first, Tummers says they quickly change their mind after a test ride. He concludes: “We make sure that the riding experience is identical to a chain drive. A beixo bike piques people’s curiosity so it is a great way to make contact. I guess that’s the only downside, you can’t be afraid to talk to people!” TOP: The 7-speed Compact combines the flexibility of a folding bike with the comfort and riding qualities of a normal bike, also available as an electrical model. BOTTOM: The lightweight X-Town folding bike is perfect for urban commuters. It is easy to fold and incorporates a clean belt drive.


Spiked Cycles are super comfortable, look gorgeous and are fast. It is these three qualities that regular e-bikes invariably lack. It’s the result of design from scratch, an eye for style and for the wishes of users. “We aim to make the bike a serious replacement for the car on short distances,” explains co-founder Leon van Spijk. “The downsides of taking your bike to work are sweating and discomfort when you ride for more than a few kilometers.” With a Spiked Cycle, this is no longer an issue. “You can easily reach a speed of twenty kilometers an hour within just a few seconds, so there is no sweat involved. And the saddle is of the highest quality available. It has seat post suspension, which absorbs shocks when you hit a bump in the road. So you won’t bounce off your saddle like on a regular bike. Comfort is key.”

The smartly built frame, well balanced weight and outstanding looks are other things clients love about Spiked Cycles. van Spijk: “We part with the rollator-like image of e-bikes by adding colour. Our designs speak to the users and on our website you can even make your own custom bike. Different colours are available, not just for the frame, but also for the wheels and optional carriers.” Spiked Cycles offer a few basic designs, but you can adjust them to your needs and create your optimised, personalised high quality e-bike.

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