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ing unique colours complemented by common areas.” The result is a building in its simplest expression, where the residents can enjoy their individuality as well as facing three to four directions for a maximisation of light in the housing space. Each of them has access to a terrace, spreading over 12 square meters and up to 21 square meters for the larger ones. Finalised in 2012, the project is a huge success, “which I believe we can attribute to the fact that we followed a very minimalistic line, with the similar raw creativity of a child painting his drawn house in different bright colours. The result is pure, simple and authentic.”

Swimming with an outdoors feeling Another exciting project that has mobilised PO&PO is the construction of a brand new swimming pool in Aix-les-

Bains in the region of Savoie. While in the past swimming pools often lacked adapted lighting and acoustics, in the last 15 years or so architects were brought in to turn things around and make a visit to the swimming pool a true experience. “In this case, we put the accent on three key components: avoiding water reflection, bringing in as much natural light as possible and making vegetation visible so that the customers would have an outdoors feeling as they complete their laps. We wanted them to see the sky and the trees outside,” says Palisson.

Nature at the heart of the creation

Nature is also one of the main sources of inspiration for Palisson and Calligaro: “We are deeply inspired by life; it is around us, everywhere we look. It might sound naive but it is very true for us, the expression of nature is the purest and most powerful form of all. We are constantly inspired by its shapes and its simple lines. It is what drives us to constantly innovate our work and push for new solutions.” Proposing an everyday architecture which aims to provide pleasure and comfort, PO&PO is constantly looking for new challenges and operates where needed.

Beyond the new environmental regulations of 2012 in France, PO&PO goes by the book and works closely with the client to create a structure that is in line with thermic performance regulations, while staying within budget.

Villiers-le-Bâcle Photo: Benoit Fougeirol

Jean-Luc Calligaro and Bruno Palisson. Photo: vincent Colin.


Aix-les-Bains swimming pool

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