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the air conditioning blows dry air into the room. A pleasant level of humidity is around 50 per cent, but apart from comfort, it’s also better for the body. Wessels says: “Apart from aiding the spread of bacteria and viruses, dry air also causes dry skin, eyes and lips which can irritate the throat and airways because of bad breathing.”

Inherent quality For Duux product quality is paramount, but they see it as something intrinsic rather than something special. This is also reflected in their approach to design. Wessels explains: “We don’t just associate design with appearance, for Duux it’s twofold: a product has to be attractive and functional. The art of omission plays a big part in this.” With hundreds of shops and distribution points throughout Europe, North and Central America and Asia, this approach certainly paid off, but Wessels believes there are multiple factors to their success. “Firstly, we work with a small team where everyone can share their thoughts. We also have a lot of personal contact with our customers and distribution partners. Fur-

thermore we pay a lot of attention to marketing: from conveying our philosophy to the product design, packaging, manuals, website and shop presentation. We consider everything in the greatest detail.” Finally, the ‘Dutch design’ aspect appeals to international markets. “We work with Dutch design agencies and students to come up with new designs and incorporate novel technologies in a smart way (like LCD and LED lighting). Especially in Asia, people are very taken with our products.”

A bright future Looking forward into the future, Duux will focus on light and air related products for babies as well as adults. Design will continue to play a big role in this. “The Netherlands is full of talented designers that are bursting with ideas and we are keen to use these in our future designs,” Wessels concludes. “Moreover, we still have a few countries on our wish list that we don’t distribute to yet. It’s always exciting to see your own products in the shops when you go on holiday to the other side of the world!”

The stylish Ultrasonic Air Humidifier produces cool mist in a matter of seconds and despite its compact size, it can run for up to ten hours consistently. It has a built-in nightlight, timer function and uses around 80 per cent less power than most humidifiers. It is available in a playful mushroom design and sleek globes.

The award-winning Duux Bluetooth Baby Projector turns a nursery into a sky full of stars while playing pre-loaded lullabies or recorded messages from a smartphone, tablet or other device. It features multi-colour animated projections, a nightlight and activates automatically once your child starts crying.

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