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Discover Benelux | Special Theme | Golfing Glory

Artificial grass is the future of golf There’s nothing quite like the serenity of nature and a green landscape, combined with the strategy and vision of a sport; golf has a steady flow of people who come to show their skills. As with many sports, the player is not the only factor that will contribute to a successful outcome. TEXT: CATHY vAN KLAvEREN | PHOTOS: MYvIEWGOLF

Think about the greens, where the game takes place and the grass that needs to be in excellent shape, all day, every day. Which is where MyviewGolf comes in. “We have a whole different idea of synthetic grass and the maintenance of a course: we specialise in synthetic grass for golf purposes only,” says company owner Mike van der Lee. He admits some players will think twice before believing synthetic turf is anything like the real thing. “But it’s a changing world, people’s perspectives are beginning to shift, now that the playing characteristics of synthetic grass are the same or better than natural grass. Official competitions used to be on real grass, because that was mandatory. But the international golf federations, who monitor every competition, have made synthetic turf also an official playing field.”

van der Lee tells how his synthetic grass is made with care for quality, making sure the surface doesn’t affect the speed of the golf ball and has a fantastic ball bite. “We use a stabilised nylon, which has the ability to keep the ball on the same speed level, even with lots of traffic on the greens. That’s why the grass doesn’t affect the game, only the player does. It’s also very efficient in maintenance.” He explains that real grass has to suffer from weather conditions and has a tendency to fluctuate in ball bite and ball speed when used profusely.

They can design courses as well, says van der Lee, with or without official golf course architects. His company has set up many synthetic golf practise facilities and golf courses in artificial turf in Holland, Germany, France, Ireland, Austria, Russia, and Egypt and expects many new projects in the near future.

MyviewGolf specialises in making a course play well, by delivering greens that won’t affect the golfing game through external factors. Besides the greens with fringes and roughs, it also makes tees, target greens, driving ranges, bunkers and adventure golf courses all over the world.

Everything is produced in Genemuiden, the Netherlands. Take a look at the website or download the MyviewGolf app for Apple tablets only.

“It’s just a matter of time before synthetic turf becomes a standard: everyone who plays on it is very satisfied with its abilities and consistency.”

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