Discover Benelux | Issue 16 | April 2015

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Discover Benelux | Special Theme | Golfing Glory


Focusing on authenticity, pleasure, friendliness and a passion for the sport, Monsieur Benedetti, owner of two courses in Europe, has set a standard of service that puts the Golf de SaintDonat in a category of its own. Authenticity of a land marked by history, in the heart of regional patrimony sites in which man’s hand has captured century old values, the Golf de Saint-Donat is a little marvel. “It is written, in the DNA of the Benedetti Group,” says director Revilliod, “to respect all that heritage and bring artistic sense, high technology and nature’s gifts alive in coherent projects like SaintDonat where magnolias and jasmines neighbour hundred year old oak trees.”

With its eighteen holes course, its professors and 120 children in its academy, the Golf Saint-Donat wants to maintain a “family” atmosphere. Between Cannes and Grasse, on the French Riviera, this is a

course adapted for every skill level, from beginner to professional, and families who want to spend a quiet yet very rejuvenating day. “For us, it is all about consistency,” concludes Revilliod, “our greens are of the highest standard all year round, and so is the welcome.”

Pleased to welcome visitors onto their course, in their Proshop or in their restaurant La Closerie where the attention to detail of the chef and his intransigence about the freshness of produce has earned the Golf de Saint-Donat a Maître Restaurateur title.

Friendliness and passion of a team which strives to combine the fun aspect of the sport with the refinement of a perfectly managed and breathtakingly beautiful site.

Green-fee Gourmand 79.50€ per person With this voucher

Special starter and special main course OR Special main course and special dessert OR Snack and special dessert WITHOUT DRINK Golf de Saint Donat

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