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Discover Benelux |  Special Theme |  Cycling

Why cyclists are turning to titanium A trusted force in medical, marine and aerospace applications, titanium is a premium material in consumer goods. But did you know that this metal is also used in the bicycle industry? Dutch bicycle manufacturer Van Nicholas explains why we should all be riding titanium. TEXT: ANDRé GUSSEKLOO  |  PHOTOS: VAN NICHOLAS

“Nothing  compares  to  titanium,”  says Ralph  Moorman,  general  manager  of Van  Nicholas.  “It’s  stronger  than  aluminium, lighter than steel and it doesn’t corrode. We have such a strong belief in titanium, that we exclusively use this material for our bicycle frames.” Depending on the user, bicycles put up with  a  great  deal  of  abuse:  weather  influences,  different  terrains  and  strong forces. Few metals can endure all this as easily as titanium. It was only a matter of time before keen cyclists would discover the  timeless  beauty  of  its  unparalleled properties. “Our company started manufacturing titanium bikes in 2006 and consumer  response  has  been  overwhelming,”  says  Moorman.  Clients,  ranging

from world-travellers to road racers, can configure their bikes to their own needs through the company’s website. The  company’s  high-end  road,  mountain and touring models are each designed with a  drive  for  perfection.  Radical  ideas,  industry  trends  and  feedback  on  existing models  are  combined  to  form  a  design that is simulated and tested exhaustively, after  which  the  engineers  return  to  their drawing  tables  for  the  next  round.  “Our clients expect and deserve the best possible riding experience,” explains Moorman, “so that has always been our mission.” Even to the untrained eye, the end result is impressive. Since titanium does not require any weather treatment, the slightly

brushed  frames  give  the  bikes  a  sleek and minimalistic look. However, it is when pedalling away with them that the real difference  is  noticed.  “Van  Nicholas  bike owners  love  the  durability  of  the  frames and  the  smoothness  of  the  ride.  These bikes are truly a long-term investment.” The  company’s  dedication  and  its  stellar growth  have  not  remained  unnoticed.  In 2012,  Van  Nicholas  joined  the  powerful Accell  Group,  a  global  holding  of  bicycle brands. It allowed Van Nicholas to scale up its  manufacturing  process  and  reach  a larger  market.  Wherever  you  call  home, chances  are  you’ll  encounter  a   Van Nicholas on a country road near you. www.vannicholas.com

Issue 13 |  January 2015 |  53

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Discover Benelux | Issue 13 | January 2015  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Discover Benelux | Issue 13 | January 2015  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.