Discover Benelux | Issue 13 | January 2015

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Discover Benelux |  Special Theme |  Cycling

Ouytsel.  Sportune  created  a  collection with  custom  developed  products,  marketed  under  the  Herbalife  brand.  The range is constantly adjusted by Sportune and supplemented with new products. Van  Ouytsel:  “For  the  Belgian  premium lager Vedett, we have also created something special. Vedett is known for its innovative and fun marketing campaigns, with great attention to authenticity and individual experience of customers. Vedett puts its  fans  as  people  who  enjoy  being  the centre  of  attention.  To  emphasise  brand values, Sportune developed a unique retro shirt from merino wool, inspired by the cycling jerseys of yesteryear.”

Four businesses Sportune distinguishes itself by the drive for  innovation  in  terms  of  products,  but also  in  terms  of  service.  Sportune  has four business units: ‘Custom Sportswear’ (NODRUGS) which is distributed directly to  clubs  and  corporations;  ‘Collections’ that are for sale at events and through selected dealers; ‘Private Label’ productions for  other  companies  and  brands;  and ‘Custom branding’ product development and  distributing:  tents,  flags,  printed leisure clothing, printing etc.

No drugs for teams “Clothing  and  products  help  the  athlete without the use of drugs,” he says. There is  a  little  joke  in  the  name,  but  the NODRUGS collection is very serious and very  successful.  This  mainly  custom sportswear  brand  is  distinctive  because the designs are classy and a bit naughty, and in full colour. Van Ouytsel: “We have developed this brand for the people who try to go beyond their sportive capabilities, for  no  one  other  than  themselves.  The message in this collection is ‘The hero is in you’. It is exactly what we want to provide for people who want to reach their limits and more. It is not about the big heroes, but  about  themselves.  The  NODRUGS collection has products that help people and support them to continue to become better at their sport, their passion.”

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