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For a true experience of the sea, choose Wauquiez Yachts Wauquiez is a name, a brand, and more importantly a tradition in the art of crafting luxurious sailing boats of the highest quality. With 50 years of history and constantly creating new designs and improving their current models, a sailing yacht signé Wauquiez is likely to become your next big investment. TEXT: BETTINA GUIRKINGER   |  PHOTOS: WAUqUIEz

Founded  in  1965  because  of  Henri Wauquiez's love for the quality and speed of sailing boats, the shipyard grew rapidly and soon started exporting to the UK, Germany and Scandinavia from its workshop in northern France. This was also the result of a close collaboration with British architects  to  make  the  designs  both  efficient, safe and beautiful. Today, the luxury brand is  stronger  than  ever  in  the  creation  of semi-custom models, meant to fit everyone's aim and ambition: from a yacht for four  to  five  yearly  leisure  trips  on  the Mediterranean Sea to a ship fit for a fullscale crossing of the Atlantic or a sailing trip in the Caribbean – Wauquiez has it all.

Satisfying your sailing ambitions Some of the models available are all-time classics,  such  as  the  Centurion,  which gave  birth  to  the  Gladiator  models  9,  10

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and 11. Built for performance and comfort, this beauty possesses a slender hull, sleek lines, a low, discreet roof and a cockpit and deck  designed  for  manoeuvring  and  relaxing.  With  a  powerful  build,  thoroughbred and as steerable as a racing yacht, the result is a perfect mixture of comfort, elegance and strength. Other popular models include the Pilot Saloon, Opium and Optio. The Pilot Saloon stands  out  by  her  elegance  and  innovation, both above and below deck. She offers an aft cockpit and owners’ cabin, as well  a  panoramic  view  from  the  saloon, which  offers  optimal  interior  lighting  and exceptional sea views. The hull is made of sandwich fiberglass/balsa, using the vacuum infusion technique: unidirectional and complex quadri-axial and UD glass-fabrics infused with vinylester resin, and impreg-

nated, vertical balsa ensure further lightness  and  strength.  The  vinylester  resin and gel coat suppress osmosis phenomena. The deck is processed with the same technique, but with PVC foam instead of balsa  for  further  weight  reduction  above the waterline. The Opium on the other hand is far more suitable  for  cruising,  racing  or  a  voyage. Her speed, safety and comfort make her an ideal option for longer adventures. On top of this, she gives the feeling of home away  from  home  through  her  luxurious and  spacious  interior  which  successfully combines waxed teak and composite materials. Finally,  the  Optio  stands  out  as  the  first Daysailer created by the brand, and incorporates  all  the  hallmark  features.  Among

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Discover Benelux | Issue 13 | January 2015  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Discover Benelux | Issue 13 | January 2015  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.