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Founder and director Anne-Marie Martiny (standing in the centre wearing red and black) with her Langues sur Mesure colleagues.

A bespoke language school that makes learning enjoyable and easy Travelling abroad on business, moving to another country and becoming an expat, trying to learn the language of an important new business partner… all these situations come with many challenges related to language skills. Langues sur Mesure is one of the fastest growing language schools in Luxembourg with a method focusing on the level and learning style of the students. TEXT: HARUN OSMANOVIC   |  PHOTOS: LANGUES SUR MESURE

Anne-Marie  Martiny  who  founded  the school over ten years ago, comes from a more medical background with training in speech-language pathology, the methods of which she has adapted to the learning of a foreign tongue. Today the school offers classes  in  French,  German,  Luxembourguish, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese and many others.

past ten years is that she made sure that the  students  of  Langues  sur  Mesure  are not  just  numbers  in  a  system.  They  are tested, evaluated and their particular cases are taken into consideration when the programme is created, and this is something all the companies want to hear.

“During  our  classes,”  says  Martiny,  “we have noticed that many expats had problems adapting to the local culture; this is why an important part of our teaching focuses on the specific cultural aspects of living in that country.”

Recently, realising that people learn faster when they like a class, its subject and atmosphere, Martiny has built programmes of the most cordial kind. “We have organised themed conversation classes, usually occurring  over  lunch  for  ninety  minutes, allowing students to speak freely and practise while having fun.”

One of the reasons why Martiny’s school has been successful and grown over the

The school Langues sur Mesure also offers immersion days during which Martiny takes

students  on  a  field  trip,  to  France  or  to Germany where education and fun coexist.  “We have had the chance of visiting Nancy with  students  and  they  loved  it  because visiting  museums  and  learning  about  the arts and history of a region gives another dimension  to  the  language;  ultimately learning becomes easier and faster,” she concludes. No  matter  what  your  level  is,  and  what your  goals  are,  Langues  sur  Mesure  has many  colours  on  its  palette  and  just  as many approaches for its students.

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