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With its wealth of international institutions and major presence in the world of global business affairs, the Benelux definitely punches above its weight in the financial, legal and political industries. With the UN’s International Court of Justice in The Hague, Brussels as the capital of the European Union and Luxembourg a global stronghold for investment funds, the region is all but a small player when it comes to business. In this Special Theme: Legal Excellence, we dive into the world of the law and highlight some of the Benelux’s top law firms that help international businesses excel both at home and abroad. Starting off the theme is a double introduction from the Dutch and Luxembourg Bar, pointing out what makes this region so attractive for business.

62 |  Issue 12 |  December 2014

Following on from that, we have a special announcement from a major law firm setting up an office in a new jurisdiction. Read all about their new venture on page 66 and find out what attracted them to enter a new market. Next we feature some other top class law firms run by passionate partners who know their field of business inside out. Before this Special Theme draws to a close, there are many more pages of business features to follow. In particular, our section on expert translators – many of whom specialise in legal translations and work together with the Benelux’s many international institutions and companies. But don’t miss the final pages, our regular business columnists have witty opinions on communication and leadership and our business calendar is filled with promising events for a successful end of 2014.

TOP: The Hague skyline. Photo NBTC BOTTOM: Luxembourg Kirchberg business district. Photo: ONT Luxembourg

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Discover Benelux | Issue 12 | December 2014  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Discover Benelux | Issue 12 | December 2014  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.