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The former tram depot in Amsterdam   called De Hallen, was built in 1910.  Van Veldhuizen’s hotel design was shortlisted for the ‘Best Hotel Design’ award.

Van Veldhuizen was recommended to create four villas in Veenendaal on the same street, complete from interior design, architecture and garden.


A master off all trades, architect Marco van Veldhuizen thrives on the diversity of his projects. His architecture firm, Studio Marco van Veldhuizen, specialises in full concept design, encompassing interiors, exteriors and gardens. From roof to light switch, Van Veldhuizen can take care of the full package. “When we do all aspects of a project, we can make sure the building – inside and outside – and the surroundings are in one style and that the use of space is optimised,” says Van Velduizen. “We emphasise honesty and really listen to the clients. This way we can create truly personal and attractive buildings and exteriors.” At Studio Marco van Veldhuizen each architectural design aspect is treated with the same importance. When he started the company eight years ago, Van Veld-

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huizen asked himself what he enjoyed more. “I couldn’t choose between exterior and interior, both are beautiful to work on. I love variety and the work we do is as wide-ranging as it gets, both in the Netherlands and abroad,” Van Veldhuizen explains. Recently the company was nominated for the ‘Best Hotel Design’ award. De Hallen in Amsterdam, a large former industrial hall with protected status, is now a public centre with a cinema, a library, shops, offices and a hotel. The latter, consisting of 45 bedrooms, meeting rooms and a bar, was designed by Van Veldhuizen. “We had to keep the original construction intact but the only light came in through the building’s atrium roof. We used wooden lamellae along the inside glass walls to create private yet bright rooms. The hotel itself has an eclectic but elegant combination of vintage and modern styles,” he says.

Van Veldhuizen also fondly recounts four current projects in Veenendaal. On one single street he has been asked to design four complete villas. “The owners knew each other and recommended me for the job. Each villa has something eye-catching, one has a beautiful façade, the other a striking entrance hall. They are all equally beautiful, yet also have something unique,” says Van Veldhuizen. From start to finish, a complete new build can easily take a year to complete. “It is important to have a good relationship with the client. This is why we are very approachable, open and we want to enjoy the work. Many times, clients say they find it a shame when we come to the end. Needless to say, many return to us for new projects!” Van Veldhuizen says. www.marcovanveldhuizen.nl

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Discover Benelux | Issue 12 | December 2014  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Discover Benelux | Issue 12 | December 2014  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.