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Bureau Architecture Engineering Verhaegen takes pride in its quality of service and architectural expertise and often successfully embraces projects with a high level of technicality.

“We have worked on many demanding projects,” explains member of the board Roland Roquiny, “in our thirty-year-long collaboration  with  the  aerospace  company SABCA for instance, we have had the opportunity to develop the test hall for  the  Ariane  rocket.  This  kind  of   pro ject, on top of being professionally gratifying, forces us to create new processes both in the execution of our work and in quality  control,  a  constant  discipline which  helps  us  maintain  our  level  of competency.”

arise  from  them  and  the  site  management and coordination that ensue.”

This obsession with quality of service and architectural  expertise  was  rewarded  in 2000 when BAEV obtained the ISO 9001 certification  from  the  Belgian  Construction Certification Association, for “the design of architecture and engineering projects, the preparation of all projects that

Clients from around the world are recognising  the  quality  of  the  Belgian  firm's work.  “One  of  our  added  values  lies  in our emphasis on listening to understand the client's concept and, very often, predict  the  evolution  of  the  client's  needs for the next half decade.”

A  certification  that  was  very  natural,  as Van Oost points out. “This was simply a formalization  of  the  type  of  quality  and control that we were already applying to our work,” he says. “We do not see the quest for improvement as a constraint but indeed as research and development.” As an example, the BAEV is currently investigating processes, techniques and policies that could cut construction times.

Thus,  when  the  Chinese  firm  JuXing I nternational decided to build a 120,000 square  metres technology  centre  in  Louvain-La-Neuve, it chose to work with the BAEV. The China-Belgium tech centre will host five clusters of activities and include offices, a 160-bed hotel, a conference  centre,  parking  facilities  and much more.  Over half a century after its creation, the BAEV  has  seen  many  changes  and stayed as modern and ground-breaking as anyone could hope for. After the repurchasing of all shares in the firm, these were redistributed to the employees who now  own  their  company  because  it  all boils  down  to  integrity,  freedom  of choice and, further, down to what's essential: quality of life. To  celebrate  its  50th  anniversary,  the company asked photographer Sébastien Reuzé  to  visit  the  structures  the  BAEV has built over the decades – a maternity ward, a school, a factory, a petrol station and a rest and care home. The pictures where then given to five Belgian writers who imagined life stories in these works of architecture. The result was made into a book by publisher La Lettre Volée and sums  up  what  the  team  at  BAEV  believes is the intention of architecture: to be inhabited! www.baev.be

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Discover Benelux | Issue 12 | December 2014  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Discover Benelux | Issue 12 | December 2014  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.