Discover Benelux | Issue 12 | December 2014

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last couple of years, this has changed. He says: “The market for LEDs is growing very fast. At first, LEDs were mainly used for public lighting, but with the increasing  quality  and  decreasing  costs, more and more families choose to light their homes with LEDs.”

Safe for the eye Not  just  any  LED  is  the  best  choice though. “Some LEDS have serious ripple wave, which is harmful to people’s eyes. You  can  check  if  your  LED  has  ripple wave by using a phone with camera view finder: if you see the light flickering when you are at 15 centimetres distance, it is low  quality.  At  DALEN  we  have  developed our own LED driver and software to achieve a no flickering and no ripple wave  performance.  For  those  who  are acquainted with the technicalities: it has a power factor bigger than 0.95, it’s the real eye-protection technology,” Mol explains.

Research and development For  their  products,  DALEN  owns  over 90  patents.  He  continues,  “We  have spent two and a half years on research and  development  and  tested  and  optimised  our  products  over  thousands  of

times  before  we  released  them  to  the market. All our products meet our very strict quality standards.” And not to forget:  their  designs  are  fabulous.  These qualities, combined with the smart functions  of  the  ecoCloud  and  the  low  energy consumption, this might just be the ideal way to manage your lights as efficient  and  convenient  as  possible.  Another option is to use the remote control if you prefer that over their app.

About DALEN The start of DALEN Benelux was a rapid one:  “DALEN  is  a  China-based  company,  which  DALEN  Benelux  founder Paul van den Hoogen found online,” explains  Mol.  “He  thought  the  products were very interesting and full of potential. He immediately flew to China and after three days of efficient and pleasant discussions  and  meetings,  he  decided  to set  up  DALEN  Benelux.”  Other  branch companies of DALEN are in Japan, Singapore,  Italy  and  the  Czech  Republic. Their  common  goal?  Mol  concludes: “We  want  to  improve  the  lives  of  consumers around the globe with practical, stylish and smart home products.”

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