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Indulge in Luxembourg’s top traditional food The story of the Juegdschlass goes back to 1873 when the steel and iron barons of Luxembourg built the hunting lodge where they would invite their friends and partners to relax after a hunt. In 1935 the lodge was bought by a private investor and the Café Juegdschlass was created. TEXT: HARUN OSMANOVIC  |  PHOTOS: JUEGDSCHLASS

In 1977 Marc Barthelemy’s father took over the Juegdschlass and Marc, current manager, has been running the café-restaurant for close to 30 years, making sure the tradition is carried on. Ever since he took over, Marc has run his restaurant as a family business, working for the first few years with his mother and siblings, always putting a strong emphasis on traditional, homemade food.

and hikers, would come to enjoy the traditional kachkéis, the local speciality of cooked cheese served on a long piece of farmers’ bread, accompanied by a cool glass of local beer or white Mosel wine.”

Located in the heart of the Bambësch forest, a ten-minute drive from the city centre, the café-restaurant Juegdschlass is one of the “must-go places” for locals looking to enjoy an invigorating walk through the forest, followed by a relaxing drink on the terrace overlooking the Alzette Valley, or a warm tea next to the Canadian Bullerjan stove.

The menu is adapted to the seasons twice a year. The summer menu offers a good selection of organic salads, which are supplied by his partner Nicola Senior, owner and manager of GaardenKarisma gardening, accompanied with a choice of grilled scampi, roast chicken, smoked trout or salmon. The winter menu includes succulent slices of venison served with red cabbage, spaetzle (noodles) and pommes dauphines, a hearty choucroute (sauerkraut) or black pudding served with apple compote and mashed potatoes, to mention but a few.

“Our café-restaurant is a bit of an institution in Luxembourg,” explains Marc, “as early as the 1970s, workers, ministers, artists

From now until 15 January 2015, local hunters ensure the game on the menu is nothing but the freshest. Marc takes pride

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in using only the freshest of products to guarantee the best quality for his visitors. Marc and his team look forward to welcoming you amongst their guests to enable you to discover the rest of their specialities and to relax and immerse yourself in the warm atmosphere of the old hunting lodge, where time slows down. Tel. +352 33 71 37 www.juegdschlass.lu

As they approach the restaurant, clients from all over the world are met by the resident peacocks, a family of donkeys, and they may even catch a glimpse of their quieter neighbours… the bison.

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Discover Benelux | Issue 12 | December 2014  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Discover Benelux | Issue 12 | December 2014  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.