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With their creative flair and extensive horticultural knowledge, garden designers Studio REDD together with Borek and RMR ensure desires are not just met – but exceeded.

Faced with an outdoor space TEXT: EMMIE COLLINGE | PHOTOS: STUDIO REDD

Working in symphony – not only with each other but primarily with the landscape, users and architecture – bespoke Dutch garden designers Studio REDD, take a united and innovative approach to gardens. Together with furniture designers Borek and RMR Interieurbouw, it ensures desires are not just met – but exceeded. Creative flair and extensive horticultural knowledge a given, it is the trio's wealth of experience in the fields of architecture, design and sustainability that ensures each project fulfills their clients’ and their own high standards. Based in the south of the Netherlands, Studio REDD indulges in initial discussions with the client, relishing the potential. Once a direction emerges, 2D and 3D models materialise, inspiring confidence in their design’s ability to fit seamlessly into its surroundings. Focusing on wellbeing, Studio REDD is masterful in incorporating wellness elements, such as pools or spa-centred roof terraces. As bespoke garden designers, they hover on the cusp of interiors and exteriors. Calling

upon their contemporaries, stylish furniture designers Borek and interior design company RMR, to work in conjunction with them results in a complementary fusion of skills. From urban spaces to sprawling landscapes, the trio concentrates on combining their expertise. Natural materials are confronted with the strength of wood and stone and today’s hectic lifestyles meet tranquility. Uniting the outside space with the architectural aesthetics of the building is where the trio succeeds. Satisfied only once optimum coherence with outdoor life has been achieved, Borek, set up in 1977, launch collection after collection of tasteful outdoor furniture and accompanying parasols, designed and manufactured with passion and care. With the launch of their latest brand Max & Luuk – a collection of charming garden furniture in gorgeous pastel shades – even sitting out in winter can be a pleasure. Their sturdy yet stylish wooden tables are ideal for alfresco dining. Collaboratively, Eric Kuster, RMR, Oving Architecten and Studio REDD have re-

cently completed a large-scale wellness garden in Haren. Ever the perfectionists, RMR constructed the generously light and airy home and pool house, while Borek designed the outdoor furniture. Allowing uninterrupted views over Groningen's countryside, the newly constructed villa benefits from the area’s flat landscape. Following the client’s wishes, buxus cloud trees were planted and a luxurious pool was instated along with a wooden pool house. Alongside the terrace, ample space for children was a prerequisite. Individually or united, the trio are at the fore of design in its many guises within Benelux, and their creative and collaborative approach has earned them a host of exciting projects.

StudioREDD, Bespoke Dutch Garden Design: www.studioredd.nl Borek parasols – Outdoor Furniture: www.borek.eu RMR Interieurbouw – Handmade Luxury Interiors: www.rmrinterieurbouw.nl

Issue 11 |  November 2014 |  71

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Discover Benelux | Issue 11 | November 2014  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Discover Benelux | Issue 11 | November 2014  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.