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Discover Benelux |  Special Theme |  Dutch Architecture & Interiors

MAIN PHOTO: The interior is inviting its users constantly to use the whole space instead of just one spot. ABOVE: The Work Café is an extra venue to promote crosslinking within the organization. LEFT: Traffic zones are furbished for informal meeting and more social cohesion.

ment. That is not only communicative, it is also speeding up the processes. People really do work everywhere.”

C4ID C4ID stands for ‘Creative, Communicative, Cooperative and Consistent Interior Design’. The company is an open and constantly innovating network of creative professionals. Casper: “I’m the backbone of the designing process and communication with the clients. My team members assure me we’ll always come up with a wide “We invited everyone to let go of their personal spot and in return they got a whole building. We used the organic shape of the building to create natural routes and meeting locations, we integrated left over spaces in the total functional set-up and we made sure that each function was inviting to use, well equipped and well balanced in terms of materials, colours and acoustics. Plus we added a ‘Work Café’, with the look and feel of a café in the town.” As a result, people went less outside and made fewer reservations for meeting rooms. Some people choose to work there often. Casper took notice of something else, too: “Many work consultations happen at the coffee machine. So we added an XL touchscreen next to it on which people can pop-up their project or document instantly, instead of making an appoint-

variety of ideas, solutions and new thoughts. We work in full 3D and we always make sure our clients really understand what they choose. It is an interesting time to be a designer.” Other current projects of C4ID include Nauta Dutilh International Law in Amsterdam, Lebara Mobile in London, Dutch Statistics in The Hague and the town hall of Purmerend. BELOW: Freedom of choice in the location and type of furniture you want to use on every location. LEFT: Materials, colours and patterns are selected with care to create a lively and attractive working environment.

Casper Schwarz, interior architect and founder of C4ID

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