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Wet Kit and Pet Reg tractor units


Scania Wet Kit tractor units As part of the Scania Complete Vehicle programme, Scania's Wet Kit tractor units are delivered fully built and ready for service. Available in either 6x2 or 6x2/4 twin-steer variants, each Scania Wet Kit model utilises Hyva equipment operated by way of an in-cab control valve. A unique feature of the vehicle is its combination fuel and hydraulic oil tank which allows for 150-litres of fuel and 150-litres of hydraulic oil to be carried in a single unit. In common with other model types in the Scania Complete Vehicle range, Scania Wet Kit tractor units are fully factory prepared, meaning all components fitted are to Scania's exacting quality standards. In addition, all trucks within the Scania Wet Kit range can be tailored with a selection of options to meet specific operating demands.

The Scania Wet Kit tractor unit's unique combination tank

Powertrain options Scania Wet Kit tractor units are offered with a choice of Scania Euro 5 engines. Completing the transmission is a Scania 14-speed gearbox, available with or without overdrive, with synchromesh on all gears except two crawlers.


Scania Petroleum Regulation tractor units Safety and security built-in As the second member of the Scania Complete Vehicles tractor unit programme, Scania Petroleum Regulation trucks are built to the rigorous safety and security standards demanded by the industry. Available in 4x2, 6x2/4 twinsteer or 6x2/2 (with Hendrickson lightweight centre-axle) formats, Scania Pet Reg tractor units incorporate a number of adaptations to allow the safe loading and unloading of petroleum products. Included here are a rear of cab fire screen, aluminium rear mudwings and catwalk and twin-pole master wiring switches and warning lights. A range of safety features, including a glass hammer and a seat belt cutter, are also fitted as standard while a range of optional extras can also be specified. Support all the way In common with all other trucks within the Scania Complete Vehicle Programme, every component fitted to Scania Wet Kit tractor units is supplied with the manufacturer's backing. The trucks also enjoy the support of the Scania dealer network, which provides more than 90 service centres in the UK and a total of 1,000 throughout Europe.


The Scania Complete Vehicle Programme is a fully-integrated part of Scania's regular production system

The Scania Complete Vehicle Programme Optimised transport solutions for total peace of mind Launched following extensive consultation and thorough market-testing with a broad cross-section of operators nationwide, the Scania Complete Vehicle Programme

In addition to Scania quality throughout, every Scania Complete Vehicle has the

provides a range of fully built-up trucks

with bodybuilders or any other sub-

designed and optimised to meet the specific

suppliers to worry about and, most

needs of a number of transport applications.

importantly, a single point of contact for all

Within the programme is a choice of vehicle-types. Included here are distribution

benefit of being sourced from a sole supplier. That means there is no liaison

aftermarket services. Constructed to broadly standard

rigids, construction vehicles and wet kit and

specifications, each model within the

petroleum regulation tractor units, all of

programme is equipped to meet the

which are constructed to Scania's customary

exacting demands of the sector for which it

high standards and delivered ready-to-roll

is intended.

via the Scania UK dealer network.

Quality assured The design concept for each model within the Scania Complete Vehicle Programme has been defined and refined by Scania's own engineers working to the most exacting and demanding criteria. The results have been fully integrated into the company's production system so that every truck constructed under the

programme is fully factory-prepared for body and equipment fitment by Scania's partners in the UK. And that means Scania quality is assured every step along the way – which in turn ensures Scania Complete Vehicles are not just delivered ready for service, but should remain so for the long haul ahead.

Scania (Great Britain) Limited Delaware Drive Tongwell Milton Keynes MK15 8HB

Telephone: 01908 210210 Fax: 01908 215040 Website:

All information believed to be correct at time of going to press. Please note that some features described may not be available on all models. Please confirm exact specification with your local Scania dealer.


Complete specialist tractor  

As part of the Scania Complete Vehicle programme, Scania's Wet Kit tractor units are delivered fully built and ready for service.

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