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Scania Tachograph Services

Scania Tachograph Services – the right tool for the job

Scania Tachograph Services Manages downloads, storage and activity reports remotely and automatically.

manages downloads, storage and activity reports remotely and automatically. We know that you and your drivers already have too much on your hands to get slowed down with tachograph data. Why not let us help you? Scania Tachograph Services can make life easier for you and your drivers by downloading the data automatically and making it readily accessible. You’ll have access to activity reports for both driver and vehicle data. No matter where in Europe your fleet is – and no matter where you are. We offer this service for your Scania vehicles and other makes in your fleet.

Save money and make life easier – immediately • No extra downtime – download tachograph and driver card data automatically, while the vehicle is in motion. • No missed downloads – you can even get reminders sent via email or to your phone. • Reliable and secure. • Legal compliance without hassles. • Reports on drivers and vehicles easily accessible online.

• Easy to use for operational analysis and business improvement. • One set monthly charge per vehicle – including downloading, storage and access to reports and analysis.

Remote downloading – easy access Use Scania Tachograph Services for remote downloads and to store both vehicle and driver data on our secure servers. The vehicle data is downloaded automatically once a month

– so you don’t even have to think about it. The driver card is downloaded automatically or by pressing a button in the vehicle, whenever it’s convenient for the driver.

Trust us to take care of your data Your data is safely stored on a secure server, accessible through the Scania Tachograph Portal – any time, no matter where you are.   You’ll have access to driver reports that show when and for how long drivers have been

driving, resting or carrying out other activities. Similar reports for the vehicle allow you to see who has been driving, how far and for how long. You can easily make use of these reports in your business planning.

The principles of Scania Tachograph Services downloading

Use Scania Tachograph Services for remote downloads and to store both vehicle and driver data on our secure servers.


You can easily access a calendar that shows you when downloads are overdue, planned or already performed. You can also see if driver or company cards are about to expire, so that


you can order new ones. If for some reason a download is not performed as planned, the system can send a text message to the mobile phone as a reminder.

Your tool – the Scania Tachograph Portal

You can see which downloads are overdue.

You can see when downloads have been performed.

In this side you have an overview of the infrigements per driver for a selected time period. It’s also possible to create reports from this table.

Daily graphic reports

Here you can see the drive and rest time in an graphical way.

Here you have the daily activities listed.

Summary of the daily activities.

Tachograph activity reports Scania Tachograph Services provides activity reports to make sense of the tachograph data that comes from both drivers and vehicles. The reports allow you to make sure that you are in full legal compliance. You get daily totals for each vehicle - driving, in use, availability, driver list, events and faults.Â

If your driver has not followed EU legislation for driving and resting times, this is recorded. The system will even print a letter to be signed by the driver, to acknowledge the infringement. This can help you avoid heavy fines, since it shows you are working actively to follow the EU legislation.

Facts Tachograph

Stores 365 days of vehicle driving data. Legislation varies from country to country; as a general rule, data should be downloaded at least every three months. Driver card

Driver card data should be downloaded every three weeks or so, since the card may fill up after 28 working days. After that, old data will be overwritten without warning. Downloading

Download remotely from the vehicle using Scania Tachograph Services – handling tachograph data automatically and driver data can be downloaded automatically or by simply pushing a button.

System requirements in the vehicle

• Digital tachograph – both Stoneridge 7.1 or later and VDO 1.3 or later. • Scania Communicator for wireless data transfer. • Scania Communicator 2.1 for automatic driver card downloads. System requirements in your office

• Personal Computer (PC) with Windows XP or Vista, or Windows 7, Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 7 or higher, or other common browser. • Smart card reader. • Tachograph company card. • Internet connection 1 Mb/s or higher. • Screen resolution: 1024 x 768 or better. Other tachograph services


Meets EU standards for secure downloading, storage, access and activity reports. Access your data online on a secure server through the Scania Tachograph portal online – anytime you need it. For remote downloads, the data will download automatically wherever the truck is located in Europe.

You can still stop at a Scania workshop for a physical download. And if you invest in the necessary equipment you can download the data yourself, just log on to the Scania Tachograph portal and transfer the data to our secure servers. For driver cards, you can purchase a card reader and PC software from Scania.

Company Card

Links the data from your digital tachograph to your company. You can either insert it into the tachograph, or, if using remote download, connect it to your office PC.

• • • •

Digital tachograph data from vehicles shall be downloaded at least every 90 days. Driver card data should be downloaded at least every 28 days. Data must be downloaded regularly in order to prevent data loss from overwriting. Tachograph data must be downloaded securely, stored securely for at least one year, and provide the basis for accurate activity reports.

Scania Tachograph Services help fulfill all these requirements and make compliance easy and cost-effective.

For further information in these respects, please contact your local dealer or

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Scania pursues an active policy of product development and improvement. For this reason, Scania reserves the right to make changes relating to design and specification, its products and services and any information without prior notice. Furthermore, due to national or EU legal requirements, some products and services may not be available in all markets.

Scania Tachograph Services  
Scania Tachograph Services  

Manages downloads, storage and activity reports remotely and automatically