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Supporting the UK fuel supply industry

Fulfilling every need from vehicle supply to tanker support services

Keeping Britain running As a cornerstone of the country's economy, it is difficult to overstate the importance to the UK of its fuel supply industry. From Land's End to John O'Groats and – literally – every place in between, the nation is dependent on a regular supply of fuel to keep the wheels of industry turning, our homes, schools and hospitals heated and our vehicles moving. With a large proportion of fuel distribution taking place by road, the industry has a need for a wide variety of truck types, capable of delivering to destinations large and small, urban and remote. In addition to efficiency and economy in operation, reliability and safety are also prime concerns for operators in the sector. Moreover, these requirements are backed by the need for a specialised, rigorous and competent truck and tank support service in order to assure on-going safety in operation and legal compliance at all times. Now, one company can do it all: Scania. From an award winning range of trucks to a nationwide network of Petroleum Regulations/ADR workshops, Scania provides a comprehensive selection of products and services in support of Britain's fuel supply industry.

Cover: Found operating in the most remote locations, such as this Scottish Fuels vehicle in Callanish, Outer Hebrides, to High Streets around the country, Scania fuel tankers are in service with fuel suppliers throughout the UK. Right: Part of the giant Grangemouth refinery complex.

Nationwide Accident Management and Repair Network

Emergency response service


Scania's support for the fuel supply industry extends into working with operators in order to provide a comprehensive emergency response service in the event of a tanker incident out on the road. One such example is Hoyer UK Limited, with which Scania works in partnership nationwide. Here, Scania's specialist Technicians, who are based at a number of the company's Petroleum Regulations/ADR workshops, combine with Hoyer's incident team members to ensure vehicles are recovered safely and efficiently. Any product spillages are contained and loaded into one of Scania's fleet of recipient tankers as quickly as possible in order to minimise any potential environmental damage.

Scania's specialist teams have been fully trained by Hoyer and in my opinion are the leading experts in their field. They know exactly what is expected of them and how to work in conjunction with our own personnel to best effect. It's a great partnership. Les Slymn, Fleet Engineer, Hoyer UK Limited

A range of specialist vehicles for fuel/ADR industry operators


Scania provides a selection of lightweight, powerful vehicles from 18- to 44-tonnes gross weight designed and built to comply with Petroleum Regulations and ADR specifications. In addition, a broad spread of power outputs, a choice of rigid or articulated formats, three cab types and a variety of wheelplans – including rear-steer models for maximum manoeuvrability and access – means a Scania truck can be tailor-made to meet the needs and demands of virtually every fuel/ADR industry application.


(X = standard fitment)

FL: Flammable Materials EX III: Explosives (Category 2) EX II: Explosives (Category 1) OX: Oxidising Materials AT: Other Pet Reg: Petroleum Regulations compliant vehicles All Scania factory-prepared ADR vehicles are supplied conforming with EC Directive e1*98/91*

Nationwide Accident Management and Repair Network


It would be true to say that without oil the islands would simply stop, which is why Scottish Fuels and the job it does is so important to our way of life. That's also why, in turn, we have to run vehicles we can place our trust in. Norman Macleod, Western Isles Depot Manager, Scottish Fuels

Tanker support services The Scania UK network provides a complete tanker support service covering all aspects of tanker maintenance for all types of tankers. As part of this, a range of specialist services for petroleum and ADR tanker operators is offered through the company's nationwide network of Petroleum Regulations/ADR workshops.

Specialist Petroleum Regulation/ADR services Examination, testing, repair and retest – all in a single visit All work carried out on Scania premises Two-yearly tanker vapour tightness test Mandatory three-yearly leak-proof tightness test Tanker repair, maintenance and testing facilities Forward planning and scheduling of testing Pre-test examinations and rectification work Written Schemes of Examination in line with specific customer requirements. Safety and quality assured All Scania ADR and Petroleum Regulations tanker testing is carried out in conjunction with our Competent Authority Partners and conducted strictly in accordance with the Safe Load Pass and Health & Safety Executive codes of practice.

Scania offers a comprehensive and bespoke service to the fuel supply industry. In addition to covering all maintenance and compliance requirements for trucks and tanks, ancillary equipment such as hosereels and controls can also included in Scania support programmes.

Nationwide Accident Management and Repair Network

One-stop convenience


We operate an all-Scania fleet of 36. We've got 4x2, 6x2, 6x4 and 8x4 rigids, including a number of drawbars, plus a variety of tractor unit types to ensure we always have the right truck for the job. Scania provides us with a comprehensive range of services which extend way beyond the trucks themselves. In addition to routine servicing, our repair and maintenance contracts cover safety checks, MOTs and Safe Loading Passes. Scania maintains our PTOs, pumps, hose reels and drawbar hitches. We've even used them for vapour tightness testing. The one-stop shop convenience factor is another reason behind our choice to operate only Scania vehicles. Also, it gives us confidence: Confidence that our O-licence is in safe hands, confidence that we won't be getting any prohibition notices and, of course, the confidence that comes with fixed, known costs. Alistair McIntosh Operations Manager Highland Fuels Limited


Top: Alistair McIntosh and one of Highland Fuels' 36 Scania fuel distribution trucks.

Right: Scania Inverness, part of Scania's nationwide network of Petroleum Regulation/ADR service centres.

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Peace of mind

All information correct at time of going to press. Please consult your local Scania dealer for latest details and any updates to services provided.



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Fuel supply industry support  
Fuel supply industry support  

Fulfilling every need from vehicle supply to tanker support services.