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Fuel economy – the Scania way


Enjoy the luxuries of a great fuel economy. As a Scania owner, you already have a head start in the race to optimise fuel economy. Every vehicle we deliver is the result of more than a century of experience and expertise in performance efficiency. In addition, every Scania dealer is trained to give you expert guidance in choosing the right powertrain, cab, engine, chassis and equipment options for your transport needs. Our quest to cut your costs never stop. Scania offers an array of services designed to further enhance your vehicle’s performance, from driver training to vehicle maintenance. It all adds up to two things. The first is a better operating economy. The second is a more intangible, yet strong, feeling that you have done your best to improve the profits of your operation.


Step-by-step to a better fuel economy. How far are you willing to take it? Use our checklist to make sure you have done everything you can to squeeze as much mileage as possible out of every drop of fuel.

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Axle alignment Substantial fuel savings are made if the wheel alignment of both the vehicle and the trailer is correct. Save up to 3% (1째 misalignment).

Fuel saving For a typical European combination running 150,000 km annually, the fuel savings can be translated into litres and euros: Fuel saving

Saving in litres

Saving in euro


450 litres

approx. 450 euro


1,350 litres

approx. 1,350 euro


4,500 litres

approx. 4,500 euro

Roof air deflector Noticeably reduces the air resistance over the top of the vehicle. Save up to 7% (including side air deflectors). Roof air deflector adjustment Proper adjustment of the roof air deflector further enhances fuel economy. Save up to 3% (less if too high).

Side air deflector Minimising the amount of air turbulence between the cab and the trailer improves fuel economy. Side air deflector extensions If the trailer width is 2,550 or 2,600 mm, air resistance is further reduced, giving even better fuel economy. Save up to 0.5%.

5th wheel positioning/axle distance Optimised weight distribution and minimised space between the cab and trailer save fuel. Fuel volume Fuel up where the fuel price is low. Save up to > 10%.


Tyre choice

Reduce air resistance, especially in a side wind.

Fuel savings and better service life can be

Save up to 1%.

expected if the correct tyres are specified. Save up to 5%.

Driver performance The driver’s skill, attitude and performance are key factors for fuel economy. Save up to 10%. Scania Driver Support This unique on-board system works as an individual driving coach. It gives the driver hints and feedback, making it fun and challenging to save fuel. Save up to 10%. Vehicle speed A few minutes extra driving time often makes no difference to the customer, but saves a lot of fuel. Save up to 5% (4 km/h). Extra equipment Extra equipment like auxiliary lights and air horns mounted on the roof negatively affect fuel economy. Save up to 1.5%.

Vehicle weight Minimising tare weight saves fuel or improves payload. Save up to 1% (500 kg). Powertrain specification Optimising the powertrain for low-rev cruising ensures the best fuel economy. Save more than 3%. Scania Opticruise Automated gearchanging ensures that gear selection is always optimised for best fuel economy. Save up to 5%. Scania Ecocruise Saves fuel by not accelerating when climbing a hill until it levels out and using momentum at the bottom of downhill sections. Save up to 4%. Choice of oil Improves fuel economy as well as increasing vehicle life. Regular maintenance Thorough professional servicing (checking/changing air and fuel filters for example) saves fuel. Tyre pressure Correct tyre pressure, not too high or too low.

The figures cannot be added, but they give an

Save up to 1%.

indication of the effect of individual actions.

Scania Driver Support. The Scania Driver Support system gives the driver individual hints and feedback on the driving with safety and fuel economy as key parameters. It works in real time during driving and delivers a summary after a completed assignment. The system is designed to work in line with the Scania Driver Training programme in order to maintain the results after training. Results and feedback are displayed in the central instrument, making it fun and safe to challenge yourself to keep the fuel consumption as good as possible. With Scania Driver Support even more drivers can improve their driving performance.

Scania Opticruise. The Scania Opticruise system is available in a fully automated version or with a classic clutch pedal, according to your own preference. A new shift strategy adapts gearchanges to the style of driving, the load and to the inclination of the road, making it possible to keep the speed up all the way to a crest – without fuel penalty. The gears changes faster and smoother, giving outstanding comfort, control and fuel economy. Several parameters in the control software can be adjusted to tailor the characteristics after your speciďŹ c needs, for example regarding acceleration control.

Fuel CO2

Summing up our vast research and experience, we know that the affectable factors in the fuel efficiency equation boil down to three fundamental cornerstones: the vehicle, the driver and the service. It’s within these areas and in the intersections between them – such as driver support systems – we have explored large possibilities to improve the fuel economy for nearly everyone.

Vehicle – 10% potential fuel savings. Powertrain and weight optimisation are crucial first steps toward improving the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Other significant factors include aerodynamics, tyres and driver support systems such as Scania Ecocruise or Scania Opticruise. Consult your Scania dealer to decide which specifications make your vehicle most profitable for you.

Driver – 10% potential fuel savings. Even an experienced driver can improve his or her fuel economy by up to 10% with a bit of training. Scania Driver Training welcomes you to take part in the latest driving tips, tricks and techniques to keep your cruising speed up, and fuel consumption down – always in total safety. Scania Driver Support system help the driver to maintain the driving skills, while Scania Fleet Management enables fast and easy analysis of fuel consumption data, allowing close monitoring for a more efficient driving style.

Service – 10% potential fuel savings. When it comes to fuel economy, it always pays to keep a close eye on axle alignment, tyre pressures and lubrication, among other things. That’s why regular access to professional Scania service is essential to keep your Scania truck as fuel-efficient as it was on delivery.

Scania pursues an active policy of product development and improvement. For this reason the company reserves the right to change products, product specifications and part numbers without prior notice. Furthermore, due to national or EU legal requirements, some accessories may not be available in all local markets. For further information in these respects, please

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Fuel economy  

Enjoy the luxuries of a great fuel economy

Fuel economy  

Enjoy the luxuries of a great fuel economy