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JOHNSON EQUIPMENT COMPANY Since 1959, Johnson Equipment Company has provided the safest, most reliable dock and door products available in the market. These products, combined with the most professional sales representatives and service technicians, have led us to the enviable position of the largest independent overhead door, loading dock, and in-plant safety specialist in North America. This stature could never have been realized without you, our customers. We thank you for your support and trust that we will continue to be your exclusive source for our product lines and services. Johnson Equipment Company and our “Tradition of Excellence” can always be relied upon to provide the best. TA B L E O F C O N T E N T S

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Your local Johnson Equipment team can provide:

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» Product demonstrations and recommendations

» Energy and safety audits

» Emergency service

» AIA accredited presentations

» Installation services

» Planned maintenance program

JOHNSON EQUIPMENT COMPANY is a North American leader in the sale, installation, and service of all loading dock equipment, industrial doors, safety barriers, HVLS fans, industrial curtain walls, rack upgrade systems, and more - all designed to improve safety, security, productivity, energy savings, and environmental control. For over 55 years, our owners and employees have sought to provide the highest quality in product and service. We have reached that goal by establishing exclusive partnerships only with manufacturers that provide reliable and leading edge products, and back it all up with the highest qualified technicians. Our multiple locations throughout the southern United States and Mexico, coupled with our sister representatives around the globe, allows us to provide these unique products and services at a local level.

» F amily-owned company founded in 1959 by Marvin L. Johnson

»H eadquartered in Dallas, Texas »O ver 200 employees » 1 8 offices throughout the southern US and Mexico

»T echnological leader in loading docks, doors, and in-plant equipment

»M anufacturers represented exclusively: • Damotech Rack Upgrades • Door Engineering - Four-panel Folding Doors • McKeon® - Specialty Smoke and Fire Protectives Our mission: To improve industrial safety, security and productivity through quality and innovation.

• PerforMax Rubber Doors • Renlita - Custom-designed Doors • Rite-Hite® Loading Docks, Doors, and In-plant Equipment

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YOUR JOHNSON EQUIPMENT TEAM Loading Dock Specialist In-Plant Specialist Field Service Specialist Service Technician Customer Service Representative Installation Coordinators

Customer Satisfaction Program

Ownership Commitment

We survey over 2,000 customers annually to measure customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The owners of Johnson Equipment stand behind its employees in their endeavor to provide the ultimate in customer service. Ownership also commits and stands behind all of our products, providing a 12 month money back guarantee program.

»N et Promoter Score (NPS), measures customer loyalty

»G reat customer loyalty: 70-80% »O ur NPS Score: 92%

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»C ommitment to providing outstanding customer service »M aximize quality of product and service through feedback and dedication

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DEPEND ON JOHNSON EQUIPMENT Safety and Dependability

Local Service Centers

Emergency Service

Your profitability is dependent upon equipment that performs safely and reliably.

We have a broad network of over 200 service professionals so your service team is local and dedicated to providing excellent service whenever you call.

Optional emergency service, even on competitive products and equipment.

» This starts with professional installation

performed by factory-trained crews and is backed by a 12-month money back, customer satisfaction guarantee.

In-house Service Coordinators

» Factory-trained service technicians

Our Service Coordinators are available to address your needs, promptly schedule service, and communicate with you to ensure your satisfaction.

State-of-the-art Equipment

Full Service to meet all of your Facility needs:

provide timely, 24-hour emergency service, to ensure your facility is operating at peak performance.

We come prepared with tools and equipment necessary to complete work quickly, including: cranes, welders, test equipment, ladders, acetylene torches, safety equipment, and more.

Continuous Supply of Parts on Service Trucks for all Brands We carry many factory replacement parts on our truck. We have field service manuals on hand and aim to service equipment in one visit.

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W arranty and Satisfaction Guarantee We invest in training and ongoing education to ensure the highest quality of work from our service technicians. We do the job right and guarantee our work for 12 months.

» Installations » Conversions » Service » Planned maintenance » Repairs » Fire door drop testing » Upgrades | 1.866.626.2370 | 5

JOHNSON EQUIPMENT SERVICE Planning, Building and Design

Turn-Key Service

Effective dock and door planning ensures that your operations can accommodate the material handling needs you have today, as well as tomorrow. Continual changes in the trucking and material handling industry can affect loading dock design, requiring new products and innovations.

When you choose Johnson Equipment, we manage the entire project from beginning to end, from order placement and shipment scheduling to equipment installation including concrete work, core drilling, saw cutting, removal, forming, repair, and restoration and pouring.

» AIA registered presentations » Loading dock and door design consultation » BIM objects and architectural specifications

» One full-service provider » Dedicated project coordinator » Flexible invoice options

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JOHNSON EQUIPMENT SERVICE 5-Step Planned Maintenance Program

Service, Maintenance & Repair

Ongoing schedule of regular maintenance visits designed to prevent costly repairs, equipment downtime, and productivity loss. Regular cleaning and tune-ups are vital to peak performance and energy efficiency.

» Cleaning » Lubrication » Adjustment » Inspection » Documentation

When you need service for overhead doors or loading dock equipment in your facility, it’s vital that a technician can respond quickly to save you costly downtime. Keeping things moving, yet secure, on the loading dock is essential for any business.

» Improved performance and efficiency » Reduced downtime » Proactive recommendations and consultation » Fire door drop testing

» Servicing all brands » Overhead and high speed doors » Loading dock levelers and restraints » 24/7 Emergency service

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Lunch and Learn Events

Johnson Equipment Customer Service Representatives (CSR) are always available to visit your site. The CSR will ensure safety and efficiency at your loading dock and warehouse at no charge.

AIA credits have been awarded for the following education offerings. Contact your local representative to schedule your Lunch and Learn Event today.

» Evaluation of critical areas » Inspection of equipment and analysis for energy efficiency » Provide new and innovative solutions to solve ongoing problems » Work with a representative who will take the time to familiarize

» Safety seminar » Energy seminar » Industrial Door Design » Dock design » HVLS fans » Fire rated assemblies

themselves with your facility and your needs

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JOHNSON EQUIPMENT SERVICE On-Site Product Demonstrations

Showroom or Plant Visits

Johnson Equipment can bring on-site product demonstrations to your facility. On-site product demonstrations can include Dok-Lok ® vehicle restraints, industrial doors, dock seal and dock shelter demonstration pieces, industrial fans, and others centered around your needs.

Our extensive showrooms are located in Milwaukee, Dallas, and Houston. Plants are also available for tour throughout the US. See first-hand product demonstrations and compare equipment from various manufacturers. Each showroom visit is tailored to your company needs, educating you so you can feel confident in your decisions.

» See and operate equipment » Choose a location convenient for you » Consultation and needs assessment

» Johnson Equipment covers arrangements for your visit, including

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travel and accommodations » Tour product showrooms and the manufacturing plants » Product demonstrations » Competitive products onsite for easy side-by-side comparisons (Milwaukee only) » Hands-on experience with equipment before you buy » Learn dock and door design and building trends | 1.866.626.2370 | 9

SOLUTIONS THAT MEET YOUR NEEDS Loading Dock Safety, Security, and Productivity

Environmental Separation and Control

In-Plant Safety

Energy Savings

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Loading Dock Levelers

The original Dok-Lok ® rotating hook design offers the highest level of safety in the vehicle restraint industry.

Rite-Hite® levelers are designed for your most demanding dock operations, offering exceptional durability, reliability, and lowest lifetime ownership costs.

Rite-Hite® Shadow Hook Restraints

Rite-Hite® Hydraulic Safe-T-Lip® Dock Levelers

Rite-Hite® Stabilizing Trailer Restraints

Rite-Hite® Vertical Storing Dock Levelers

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Loading Dock Barrier Safety Systems

Provides energy savings with a tight, consistent seal all the way up trailer sides, across the top and at corners.

Prevent accidents at your loading dock and throughout your facility with a wide range of Rite-Hite® guards and barriers.

Rite-Hite® Insulator™ Dock Seals

Rite-Hite® Dok-Guardian® Safety Barrier

Custom Dock Solutions From self-standing docks, wheel risers, platforms, and stairs, Johnson has the solution to improve your facility’s efficiency and safety.

Rite-Hite® Eclipse® Dock Shelters

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Loading Dock Ramp | 1.866.626.2370 | 13

LOADING DOCK AND DOOR SOLUTIONS Communication and Controls

Loading Dock Lights

Clear, concise communication is critical to safety at the loading dock. Integrate multiple control components for a total dock safety system.

Rite-Hite® dock lights keep you in compliance with features that increase safety and durability.

Rite-Vu™ Light Communication System

Rite-Hite® Dok-Commander® Controls

Rite-Hite® Flex Neck Dock Light

Trailer Stand


Rite-Hite® heavy-duty trailer stands provide safe, secure support when placed under a spotted semi-trailer at the loading dock.

Installing energy efficient overhead door and dock leveler weatherseals will close the gaps and help reduce your heating and cooling costs.

Gap-Sealr™ I TS-2000 Trailer Stand

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Gap-Sealr™ II

Gap-Sealr™ II with brush

Optional side and bottom seals are available, ensuring a better seal.

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Overhead Dock Doors

Johnson Equipment offers the most complete line of dock bumpers to help protect your building and loading dock equipment investment.

From traditional sectional doors to unique impactable door styles, Johnson Equipment has the right loading dock door.

Steel Faced and Dock Saver Bumpers

Rite-HiteÂŽ Flex Doors

Rubber Doors

Bug Screen and Security Doors

This unique rubber feature provides maximum durability and includes a lifetime warranty. Spring-less and direct drive options are available.

Food grade fabric mesh or aluminum doors seal your building from pests and insects while steel gates protect from theft.

Max Speed Door

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Both install in conjunction with dock doors to provide maximum protection. | 1.866.626.2370 | 15


High Speed Doors

High Volume, Low Speed Fans are designed to circulate the air in your facility efficiently and effectively.

Whether for a cooler, freezer, or clean room, we provide a high speed door that will stand the test and provide the best seal on the market.

Rite-Hite® Revolution®

Rite-Hite® FasTrax®

Industrial Curtain Walls Zoneworks® Industrial Curtain Walls are modular fabric walls that give you the ability to divide and reconfigure your cooler, freezer, or warehouse space.

Rite-Hite® Rave®

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TZ Insulated Wall

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IN-PLANT SOLUTIONS Mezzanine and Rack Barriers

Machine Guarding

Easy to use fall off protection on mezzanines and rack provides a safe work environment while maintaining operational efficiency.

By creating a physical barrier, machine guarding products can minimize physical dangers such as weld flash, flying debris and moving machinery parts.

Rite-Hite® Gatekeeper™

Rite-Hite® Defender and Welded Wire Cage

In-Plant Safety Barriers

Safe-T-Signal™ Intersection Warning System

Separate and define large work areas, walkways, and inside loading docks with a product that provides a substantial visual and physical barrier.

A suspended communication system for forklift/pedestrian intersections. Unidirectional microwave sensors differentiate approaching traffic.

Rite-Hite® Spanguard™

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Rite-Hite® Safe-T-Signal™ | 1.866.626.2370 | 17

IN-PLANT SOLUTIONS Cold Storage Doors Rite-HiteÂŽ high performance insulated curtain doors or bi-parting flexible panel doors.

In-Plant Lifts Hydraulic scissor lifts and turn-and-tilt tables provide optimal ergonomics for manufacturing and allow for easy unloading of freight without a loading dock.

Hydraulic Scissor Lift

Rack Repair and Upgrade

The Damotech rack repair system is engineered for your specific racking and provides full fork-lift impactability and a lifetime warranty.

Damotech Pro and DBRS

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Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors A Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor moves materials in factories, warehouses, or industrial plants from one level to another.

Ground Mounted with Rap

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IN-PLANT SOLUTIONS Modular Building Systems


With flexibility of design and fast installation, Johnson Equipment can provide that extra office, conference room, or storage area you need.

Increase your storage space and maximize the cubic area of your facility, while saving money in lease and new construction costs.

Steel, Service and Fire Doors

Packaging Equipment

We offer a complete line of steel service and fire doors, designed for strength and durability, in industrial and commercial buildings.

Secure inventory and gain productivity with a full line of custom stretch wrap machinery.

Fire door drop-testing also available

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Attention architects and design-rich builders: Johnson Architectural Systems, a division of Johnson Equipment Company, provides exclusive and unique architectural products such as infinitely customizable doors to match the face of your building or specialty fire doors that allow for expansive and atypical opening designs. To learn more, visit

Corporate 4674 Olin Road, Dallas, Texas 75244 P 972.661.9822 F 972.404.1142

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