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Dawn Of A New Day Boameh’s Story By Henning M. Pedersen Chapter one: It was late night, and Boameh was quite worried about his latest assignment. The local garrison leader had been acting suspiciously, and top secret information was being leaked to the rebels. The Omyeo family had been in the emperor’s service long before the war began.. Even before the clone wars. Allowing the rebels to steal information was unacceptable, and if the colonel was indeed a spy, he had to be taken care of. The problem was, Boameh had been given the assignment in secret. He could tell nobody else about it, not even his cousin Shaemuel. Blinking lights from the hills.. A signal? Colonel Balk looked up at the lights and blinked his eyes. Boameh was close enough to hear his breath.. Suddenly he turned around and looked Boameh straight in the eyes.. 'You're here to arrest me, right captain?'. His words were calm. 'Yes sir. In the name of the Emperor..' Balk cut him off 'The Emperor! He's a rotten criminal!'. Boameh nearly choked on those words. 'Don't EVER talk about the Emperor like that! You are helping terrorists!' he shouted. 'Terrorists? You still believe the rebels killed your parents?' Balk said calmly 'Take this datadisc. I believe you want to see it for yourself.' He handed Boameh an old dusty datadisc, then straightened and said calmly 'And now.. If you don't mind, captain, please arrest me and take me to my cell..' When Boameh was filling out the report later that night, he had the datadisc next to him.. Should he see what was on it, or should he forget about it? He decided to wait, and leave it out of the report. Balk seemed to think it was important for Boameh. He would soon find out just how important..

Chapter two: ‘Major Omyeo’, the sergeant said, ‘what do you propose we do if the rebels show up?’ Boameh looked at him. ‘We bring them in for questioning, of course..’.

It had been 3 weeks since his promotion and the execution of colonel Balk. Captain Thrawn had been present at the promotion. Boameh had always wanted to meet him. Thrawn had nodded at him, and they had started talking. Boameh couldn’t get the conversation out of his head.. ‘Very artistically done, major..’, Thrawn said, ‘I remember your parents well. I can see you are just as resourceful as your father.’. ‘Thank you sir.. I always strive to live up to their reputation. And continue with their art collection..” Boameh nodded at the captain.. ‘Yes. Art is important. You can study the enemy best from his arts.. You can see the downfall of entire civilisations in the art they left behind. Even understand why they fell..’, Thrawn had told him, ‘And remember major. The rebels will fall.. The Empire can not be overthrown!’ Boameh heard a noise, and the sergeant started moving. ‘Rebels.. Here we go.’, he said, ‘How do we do this, sir?’ Boameh straightened. ‘We will wait till they set up camp down there.’, he smiled, ‘And then we strike.’ The battle was swift. Many rebels were taken as prisoners and taken to the garrisons holding cells. But something was nagging Boameh deep down. The rebels had put up very little resistance, and seemed like they wanted to be captured. Something was wrong about this. He could feel it deep down.. He turned to the lieutenant guarding the prisoners. ‘Keep your eyes at them. I have a bad feeling about this.’ He turned around and left for his quarters. That night, Boameh got no rest. He lied awake in his bed thinking about the past weeks. Then he had it. He went to his desk and found the old datadisc. When he put it in the reader a holo of his father came up. ‘The time is here. We need to hit them now, or they will find us.’ A crowd was looking at him, and a young man asked. ‘General. Do you seriously think we can take them out? We are hopelessly outnumbered.’ Shaen Omyeo looked at him and said ‘We are outnumbered, yes. But we have the element of surprise. Without intel, the empire is weak. They are not expecting us to attack, but to hide as cowards. That, my friend, is our advantage over them.. And our victory.’ The crowd starting stirring while Shaen looked a each rebel in turn.. ‘The empire can not be allowed to win this war. We must regain our free..’ he turned silent when the door sprang up and 40 stormtroopers marched in with blasters firing. Shaen straightened and looked at the stormtrooper in front. The stormtrooper walked up to him, carbine pointing at him.

Boameh couldn’t believe what he had just seen. His own father.. A rebel.. Killed by a stormtrooper in cold blood.. It was.. All a lie.. The rebels didn’t kill his father.. He wasn’t there to arrest them.. His scream mixed with the explosions all over the garrison..

Chapter three: There was a low hum of machinery around him. He felt like he had slept for years. He didn’t really care. The memories were more clear than ever before. ‘Sir..’, a whisper came, ‘He’s awake..’ Boameh opened his eyes slowly, but couldn’t see much. He opened his mouth but couldn’t talk. ‘Please. Don’t try to talk. I’ll explain all in due time.’, a man said, ‘You’re going to be okay..’ Boameh heard him leave. Alone with his thoughts.. ‘You’re going to be okay..’.. Okay.. How would he ever be okay? He had just found his life to one one big lie.. His hate against the rebels was misplaced.. What was this place? It sounded like a medical facility. The rebels.. They had escaped and destroyed the garrison. The survivors must have been brought to another garrison for treatment. ‘Very artistically done, major.. Remember, the Empire can not be overthrown!’ Thrawn was a part of the Empire.. An enemy of the truth.. And yet the only one who could help Boameh now.. Boameh was lying in his bed looking at the ceiling. Not imperial architecture. ‘Goodmorning sir..’ Boameh turned his head to look at the man who entered the ward, ‘I am Raymus Antilles, captain of the Tantive IV. How are you feeling?’ Boameh cocked his head ‘Like I’ve just been blown up by rebel saboteurs..’ Antilles smiled. ‘I hope you don’t mind we picked you up, major? We couldn’t very well leave you for dead after going trough all that trouble to get you out now could we?’ Boameh smiled for a split second, then became serious again. ‘So am I a prisoner now? Or does this have something to do with my father?’ ‘You must understand.. We had no idea if you had seen the holo we sent you. We couldn’t know how you would react if we had just approached you openly.’ ‘I watched it. At the same time you blew up the garrison.’, Boameh had to stop for a moment to cough, ‘How many casualties?’ Antilles didn’t have to reply.. Boameh could read it in his eyes. ‘I was the only one recovered, right?’ ‘Yes sir’, Antilles said grimly, ‘Believe me. Had we known the destruction would be so bad, we would have never approached the place. The base self-destruct did the most damage. But I don’t know how you could survive it.’

‘Colonel Balk was very careful not to mention it, but he made sure his quarters were protected against any attacks. Even the self-destruct.’, Boameh was growing tired, ‘How long was I out, captain?’ Antilles looked at him and replied before he left the room ‘7 months, sir. Your wounds were severe.’ ‘And for your many years of true service, I am honoured to present to you the Imperial medal of Valour. Admiral Shaen Omyeo. I salute you!’, the honour guard fired shots in the air, while the crowd started cheering. Boameh smiled while looking at his father. Later that evening during dinner, Boameh was wondering why his father had been so silent. ‘You know dad. You’re so quiet today, I would almost think you were hiding something..’, Boameh smiled. ‘You know son. You’re so damn annoying today, I would almost think you were mocking me..’, Shaen smiled back. ‘Remember. Things are not always what they seem.’, Shaen’s smile disappeared, ‘Sometimes we have to do things we don’t want to remember. But they always come back to haunt us at some point..’. Boameh looked at his father. ‘Oh come on. Don’t give me that look! I could have you arrested for staring at me like that, lieutenant!’, Shaen mocked. ‘All right dad.. Whatever you say.. But I think I’m gonna hit the sack now.’ Shaen stood up and stared out the window as the housekeeper droid started removing the dishes. ‘Goodnight son. Sleep tight.’. Boameh looked at his troubled father. ‘Night dad.’. Boameh was standing in the cockpit of the Tantive IV, captain Antilles was giving orders to his crew. ‘She’s a fine ship, captain.. I wish she was mine..’ He said. Antilles smiled then turned toward Boameh ‘Maybe some day, you’ll get a ship of your own. Remember, you are not a major in the Alliance.. In fact you haven’t even joined the Alliance yet..’ ‘I still have a few things to work out, captain. Something I must do on my own.’ Boameh replied, ‘Thank you sir, for getting me away from the empire.’ He saluted Antilles. ‘It was an honour to save the son of Shaen, Boameh.. He was a good friend of mine.’, he smirked at Boameh, ‘He talked about you all the time. How loyal a soldier you were. And at the same time you believe in justice. That’s why he was convinced you would some day see the evil in the empire and join us.’ Antilles walked Boameh to the boarding ramp. ‘This is where our paths part.’, he said, ‘May they join up again somewhere along the road.’ Boameh watched as the Tantive IV rose up in the sky and disappeared in the darkness of space. Here he was.. Alone in a small dim corner of the galaxy. Tatooine.. With it’s unfriendly surface and weather that could drive anyone mad. He looked out over the dunes and said to himself ‘You were right, dad.. Things are not always as they seem…’

Chapter four: It was late night when he got home.. That was the downside to living deep in the desert and helping a businessman in the city. He had lived there for almost six months now and had seen few people near the place he had settled. There was of course the old hermit who lived a few hours walk from his house and the occasional lost victims of the local crime lord. He looked over at the chest in which his old imperial uniform was, then picked up a book and started reading. Smuggling seemed easy for the outsider. Easy money, low risk. His experience in law enforcement had taught him otherwise. He had never thought he would ever be acquiring experience from the other side of the hunt as well. Yet here he was sitting on a hidden stash of counterfeit spice and weapons and no idea where and when to deliver it. -------“We have target in sight”, Shaemuel said into his comlink, “We are ready to move in.” “Roger that, commander. Take no prisoners” They had surrounded a small rebel outpost, and Shaemuel was looking forward to avenging the murder of his cousin. It had taken him over a year to convince command to let him lead a mission to track down the last remaining rebels, but it had been worth it. Boameh had been a role model for him all his life.. Like the brother he didn’t have, as his parents were killed shortly after he was born, and had been partially adopted by his uncle. He smiled as he thought about it.. “Yeah, cousin. I outlived you. And I’m leading a mission at the same age you were only a private”. He straightened up and prepared to move in. “Let’s move in men,”, he shouted, “leave no survivors!” -------“Hey Boa.”, Shaemuel said, “are you gonna get promoted soon?” Boameh looked at him and straightened up “Of course I am. By this time tomorrow I’m gonna be a Grand Admiral” he replied in a formal voice while looking at his young cousin. Shaemuel smiled and they both started laughing. There was someone at the door, the knocking woke Boameh up. “Who’s there?”, he asked as he stood by the door. “Let me in please. They are following me”. Boameh opened the door and saw a strange looking kid, about the age of his cousin, standing outside. In the background he spotted some city police. “Get inside!”, he said and started walking toward the police officers, “You have no jurisdiction here. What do you want?”, he asked the highest ranking among them.

“We want to talk to your guest, please. He is suspected of smuggling goods.” The lieutenant replied. Boameh sighed and turned around. Before leaving he said “I’ll have a word with him and tell him to talk to you tomorrow. Is that all right officer?” He didn’t wait for a reply as he knew the answer already. He closed the door as he entered the house and looked at the stranger before he sat down in his chair. “I owe you my life”, the stranger said, “My name is Zelen..” Boameh cut him off “What in the empire do you think you are doing!”, he shouted, “You think you’re a smuggler? What are you smuggling?” The stranger started looking around nervously, trying to avoid looking at Boameh “Spice..”, he finally said. Boameh couldn’t believe what he heard. “You are kidding me, right? You go to Tatooine with a load of spice. You don’t hide it, and you are not working for Jabba?”, he continued his shouting. “What is your name kid?”, he started to calm down a bit when he noticed how scared the stranger looked. “Redek Zelenka”, he replied, still nervous. Boameh nodded. “Well, I’m Boameh Omyeo. And there is a thing or two I might teach you about smuggling. I could use some help anyway. Do you have a ship?” Redek started loosing his nervous tensions and looked at Boameh, “Yes of course. The Krayt Tooth is at your disposal if you can help me learn how to be a smuggler” “The Krayt Tooth?”, Boameh looked at Redek, “What kind of ship is it?” Redek looked a little nervous as he said, “Well. It’s kind of a.. Flying ship.. A yacht” Boameh picked up a bottle and two glasses from the table and poured some yellowy glowing substance. He handed a glass to Redek and said “To the Krayt Tooth. And to the future!”

Chapter five: “Where did you learn to fly? Get us out of here now!”, Boameh shouted as the Krayt Tooth shot trough the asteroid field taking damage. “I’m trying, I’m trying. It isn’t very easy you know.” Boameh showed Redek aside and took the pilot seat. He made a number of tight turns and brought the yacht out of the asteroid field. “Where did you learn to fly like that?”, Redek asked curiously while looking out the view screen. “The Imperial Academy”, Boameh said, “Before I was transferred to the ground forces I was piloting Lambda shuttles chasing smugglers trough space.” Redek’s eyes grew wide when he heard this. “You’re an imperial officer?” Boameh realised he hadn’t told Redek about his past and said “It’s a long story. But I think we have time while limping back to the station for repairs.”. He started telling the story of his early years and how he had been betrayed, then saved by the alliance in a deadly assault. By the time he was done, they were still far from the Tatooine station. Redek thought about his own past and family, and then sighed. They had been killed by

pirates on Corellia and he had been left to himself ever since. Had it not been for the wookie who had protected him when he was in trouble, he wouldn’t have survived this long. “I have a friend somewhere. A wookie called Tathatobuck.”, he said, “He saved my life more times than I care to remember”. Boameh looked at him and nodded. “Where is he now? If he is in imperial space he isn’t safe.” Redek stared at Boameh. “What do you mean? Why wouldn’t he be safe in imperial space?” Boameh sighed and said “The Empire has started using wookies as slaves. They might already have him if he’s strong.” -------Finally he arrived. The journey to Tatooine had taken a long time. Longer than chasing the occasional smuggler back on Dathomir. Shaemuel had been transferred to the Bestine, the Imperial capital on Tatooine who had been having problems with terrorists and smugglers lately. There had also been reports of increased hostility from the indigenous sand people, or tusken raiders as they’re also called. He passed a yacht which had seen better days, but that wasn’t his problem. The local police could see to that if they cared. But just for good measures he noted the ships name in his logs. Krayt Tooth. Obviously some local pilot. Shaemuel had never heard about krayt dragons anywhere else in the galaxy. “Shuttle Oblivion, this is Bestine control. Please transmit your landing codes now” the voice sounded over the comm. “Acknowledged control. Transmitting codes now” he replied, and sent a data stream to the planet. There was a brief pause before the comm clicked again “Shuttle Oblivion, you are cleared to land. Please follow your current descent vector.” Shaemuel walked down the ramp and saluted his new commanding officer as he stepped out onto the burning sand. “Captain Shaemuel Omyeo reporting for duty, sir!” “You took your sweet time getting here, captain. I expect my men to be precise. Is that clear?” the officer said. “Yes sir. It will not happen again.” Shaemuel assured him. -------“Krayt Tooth please transfer the credits to this account as soon as possible. We expect the money before the end of this week or we will not complete the repairs” The comm clicked off. Boameh had been quiet since that Lambda had passed them half an hour earlier. He inspected the ship and shook his head. “This is bad” he said with a grave voice. Redek walked up next to him and nodded his head. “Yes. How are we supposed to get the money when we don’t have a ship?”

The repair would cost twenty six thousand credits. Money like that wasn’t easy to get in this part of the galaxy. They started out toward the small house far outside the city and arrived just before the second sun went down. An hour later Boameh heard someone at the door and went to look. There was a note stuck in the sand simply saying “Wayfar in 5 hours. Bring the goods!” Boameh burned the note and nodded at Redek. “Help me remove the floor here.” Redek was a bit surprised, but did as he was told. He could hardly believe his own eyes as he looked at the many crates worth of illegal spice. “How much spice do you have here?” he asked. Boameh smiled as he replied “Enough to make life comfortable when we deliver it”. To be continued....

Free Fall By Henning M. Pedersen Chapter one: “Yes,

you certainly have an eye for quality, Omyeo.. And you choose your buyers wise.” Nym looked at Boameh thoughtfully, “I wonder if Jabba knows that you're doing business with me?” “Thank you sir. But you don't have to worry about me. I've left Tatooine now, and I don't ever plan to return there.. At least not in the foreseeable future.” Boameh replied with a smile. “Well if you're interested in working a bit more for me, I have a shipment of.. interesting items.. that I need delivered to a small village on Dathomir” Nym and Boameh kept their eye contact, neither man blinked once during the long paused “What kind of.. things.. are we talking about, Nym?” Boameh suddenly asked, still keeping his eyes fixed on Nym, “something valuable, I suspect?” -------“Look Boameh, atleast tell me when you'll be back!” Redek inquired “Just relax, kid. I won't try to cheat you out of your share of the credits.” Boameh released the docking clamps keeping the two ships together. “I'll catch up with you on Tansarii Point Station after I make the drop, okay?” Redek looked out the view screen where the old YT-1300 was moving further away from him. He clicked his com link on “Hey gramps.. Good luck.” Boameh keyed the last calculations into his navicomputer, then made the hyperspace jump. Redek looked out into the empty space for a little while, then suddenly a very familiar ship appeared a distance in front of him.


great. And here I feared I'd have an easy trip out of the system!”

-------“Captain Omyeo,” the commander looked at Shaemuel with interest, “you might be interested in hearing that we've discovered the rebels who abducted your cousin.” Shaemuel came to attention immediately and stared into commander Barrezz's eyes. “Sir, yes sir! Please tell me who they are.” “Maybe you're interested in avenging him? Well it won't do you any good now. The ship was boarded a few days ago. Everyone aboard were dead before we arrived on the scene. Captain Omyeo's ID was found on the scene. There is nothing we can do now.” It took all his training at the imperial academy to keep his posture, but Shaemuel knew he could not show weakness in front of a superior officer. “With your permission, sir, I'd like to put together a search team to start backtracking the ships path.” Shaemuel had hoped to leave Tatooine before long, this was the perfect opportunity “Permission denied, captain!” Barrezz said harshly, “We don't need our finest officers going out on a wild bantha chase. But you are leaving Tatooine.” “Sir?” Shaemuel asked “You've been assigned to the Chimera. You'll leave in two standard days. I suggest you make the most of your time here.” Chapter two: “

Dawn of a New Day  

star wars fanfiction

Dawn of a New Day  

star wars fanfiction